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Hello there.

Before I say anything else, you must know, I have rebooted this blog so many times that I am utterly clueless about what version this is and what phase of my life this matches up to.

With that being said,

When I don’t complain about my hair, I complain about exams. When I complain about neither, I’m sleeping.

When I get remotely close to saying something deep and profound about anything, I make a terrible joke immediately. When I get remotely close to waking up early, I switch off the alarm immediately, and convince myself that five more minutes won’t do any harm. When I get remotely close to finishing a task, I abandon it in favour of something useless immediately.

When I’m not pursuing my favourite pastime which is, as you may have guessed, running away from my responsibilities, I love writing. I also love drawing. And reading (I haven’t been doing much of that lately but plan to start again (book reviews I may publish here can speak for themselves).

When it comes to academics, Physics for the win. English is also a favourite. Mathematics, Chemistry, and History, I am friendly enough with. Biology can go drown itself with Geography.

I have cool friends, cool parents, and I have an unhealthy obsession with cats. I swing between either thinking a lot, or not thinking at all. I dislike labels because I fit in none of them. I like to think I am a genius (*laughter erupts from everyone else*), I like sarcasm, I like many things, this is my blog (the 100th reboot), have fun!



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