Rainy November Night

The rain begins to fall and the people
clutch their phones, their joy turns feeble
They anxiously mutter and rush back home
They no longer want to roam

Somewhere under a tree, a figure sits
And develops sudden coughing fits
The figure reluctantly does wait
As the rain washes away drying paint

The figure sighs and looks impatient
Rainclouds spread over the entire nation
Nobody is seen on the streets
And those who are are hidden under sheets

The figure stands and begins to walk
The figure doesn’t stop to talk
To the sheet-covered few
(Even though one offers him stew)

The figure vanishes into a narrow little street
To vanish in the downpour is no difficult feat
It doesn’t stop for a long time- the rain
But I doubt I’ll see the figure again

Am I supposed to give an explanation?
Or tell people who in tarnation,
The figure was and what they wanted?
Well then your wish won’t be granted

I regret to say I have not a clue
Who the figure was and what they wanted to do
I am merely telling you what I did see
On that November night so rainy



via xxx




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