06: I’m Back




How are you? Since at this point you have either forgotten about me or left me for dead, let me catch you up on my life (and ask you about yours).

  • There is a lot of drama at school.
  • I think all my teachers dislike me/don’t know I exist
  • I have begun going to MUNs which is way more fun than I thought it would be. MUN, if you don’t know, stands for Model United Nations. It is basically a model of the United Nations and all participants are given a country, a committee and an agenda and  have to act like UN delegates. So far, I have been to two MUNs and have gotten Sri Lanka and Costa Rica (which is too peaceful to be real) and might go to another on 26th and 27th.
  • I have gotten my first printed jersey in football. I am no 10.
  • My aunt and cousins are visiting us right now. And I am having a lot of fun.
  • My midterms ended a couple weeks ago. I did decent(ish).
  • I am disagreeing with all the textbook answers in English and it is causing complications.
  • The lady next door just gave birth to a baby. Apparently he (the baby) is very small and very cute butI have not seen him yet.
  • I got an Alex Morgan jersey which is very exciting.
  • I am listening to a lot of Emo songs.
  • I am recommending a lot of Emo songs to my friends and pestering them to go listen.
  • I am playing volleyball a lot. This may or may not be because of Haikyuu.
  • I am not waking up very early… this is tragic as I was doing so well for two months.
  • That is all.

So, how are you guys doing? How is your life? Has the void claimed you yet? Please let me know!




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