04: Freedom (Again)

School let up… again.


Freedom, whoohooo!

Most of my friends are going somewhere or the other this vacation. The exception being me, which I don’t mind because I love being completely jobless INSIDE the house.

(I was thinking of re-decorating my room. Make it a complete dark song lyric haven and frighten anybody who dares to enter. The only problem with this plan being, I will most definitely frighten myself in the night)

Adu is going to Japan. Sne (one of my friends who is completely obsessed with Emo thoughts and anime) and I somehow got it into our heads that Japan will be a paradise filled to the brim with anime merchandise and convinced Adu that it was her duty as our loyal friend to grab whatever Haikyuu and Yuri On Ice merch she could get her hands on and bring it back to us.

School re-opens in June which feels far too early as I am on the team that wants a six month holiday twice a year.

School was supposed to end tomorrow, actually, but the government predicted some natural disaster and thus, school ended two days early. Woop, woop!

After school, we were celebrating by… y’know, standing around and talking… and planning get togethers.

Nav (friend who wants to be a ‘good terrorist’ and ward off all the ‘bad terrorists’ and be a pioneer for gender equality on the side) managed to celebrate by traumatising a group of primary kids… again.

What happened the first time she traumatised little kids was this:

Scene: Restroom. Area for hand wash and if you turn a corner you get to the actual stalls. Nav and I are waiting near the corner for Manu. We are talking….

NAV: Cool badge. Where did you get it?

I look at my ‘I Am Sherlocked’ badge

ME: At the carnival. Grabbed one of the last ones!

NAV: Cooooool!

Nav makes her ‘threatening’ face

NAV: I am sher-

Crosses both her hands into a karate block or a symbolism for ‘lock’

NAV: -locked!

Shoves her ‘locked’ hands in front JUST as a two small girls turn the corner. Ends up shoving her ‘locked’ hands in the girls’ faces and ends up yelling the word “locked!” at them


NAV: Oops! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

That was what happened the first time. Yesterday was the second time and this is what happened:

Scene: School entrance. Parents and kids standing/sitting and waiting for the senior secondary kids to come. One group of high school girls standing and talking (us). Next to them, a group of primary kids are sitting and talking to someone’s phone (the traumatised)

SMALL GIRL 1: (to Siri, I presume) Thevayaa? Thevayaa? THEVAYAA? (Translation: Is it necessary? Is it necessary? IS IT NECESSARY?)

US: *trying not to giggle*

NAV: (rolls her eyes and talks sarcastically to us) Aamaa, Theva (Translation: Yes, it’s necessary)

Small girls hear and look up and give Nav a judgemental and ‘I’m-so-done-with-this-world’ look

NAV: (eyes widen) Ayyo! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

US: given up trying not to laugh and are rolling on the ground

NAV: Illa illa! (Translation: No, No!) You were saying something there and I was saying something to my friends… and, um, it got…er… I was not talking to you!

Primary girls refuse to take a joke and keep staring judgementally at Nav

After coming home, I decided to celebrate by blasting rock music and dancing like a maniac around my room.

Aaaah, one entire month of doing nothing is everything…




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