03: The Bad Beginning

School began a week ago and yes, I exaggerated on the title. It wasn’t all that bad.

We got to drop Third Language this year which was….

Er, words cannot describe how marvellous it was.

My second language is still the same, which I do not mind. It is actually fun this year. Vandhu has this knack for constantly talking in class and yet being able to know exactly what it is Ma’am is teaching.

I have not yet doodled on my textbooks so much that I cannot even read the text but that time will come soon… I can feel it in my bones.

All the teachers and all the parents, however, are not being very optimistic about this year at all. Every time they mention school, the next thing that comes out of their mouths is some horror story about ‘Failure’, ‘More Difficult Than Anything’, ‘Einstein Level Thinking’ and so on.

(I think they would be extremely good as horror-movie screenwriters. They would write and direct timeless, nail-biting classics which will be remembered for ages)

I took a quiz of Buzzfeed and apparently, I am ‘Emo Trash’

I took another one and apparently, I am a complete pessimist.


(Buzzed knows more about you than you know about yourself. Be warned)

Summer session at football coaching started. We are training with the boys for the entirety of the summer session (and maybe after, I don’t know).

Manu shot a goal today. Her philosophy is “Tripping is the best way to shoot” and it has worked for her almost every time.

Apparently I am a boy. I was at school this morning and my mom went to the store this morning to get me shin guards. The clerk guy promptly responded by asking her how old her son was…

Jeez, thanks clerk guy.




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