02: A New Phone


Sorry I haven’t written in a while.

That out of the way, I got a new phone!


My exam results came about a week ago. I am not terribly pleased with how I did but I have officially passed into the next class (which was taken for granted but still a weird relief).

*weak applause*

School re opens in April… and then closes again… and then opens again in June… it is confusing.

They are issuing my books this Saturday.

I originally would be a tad worried about how I’ll do in a new grade but I have already heard every horror story there is to hear from literally everybody and so I am actually not that stressed.

Everyone was freaking out about how they might shuffle us which was understandable as I got the impression that all the teachers disliked hated us from the bottom of their hearts.

Also, a lot of people from our class got into a lot of trouble this year for many varied things such as bringing phones (which is not allowed), annoying tenth graders, bunking class, breaking other people’s noses, torturing SST ma’am, etc…


But they didn’t.

All my classmates are the same.

*sighs in relief*

I signed up for this journalism course thing.

It is actually pretty fun (even if they only have it once a month).

I have three assignments which I have yet to complete.

I am waiting for inspiration to strike.

(Inspiration being the brain jerking pangs of last-minute panic)




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