01: The Tide Of Books

  • Yesterday, my friend from school came over with an aim to transfer books from my Kindle to hers. Neither of us expected my dad to pull out a large set of hard drives containing oceans of files (books). A few of the files were transferred as I looked at the screen in horror because I had made one very important realisation.


  • S1 (previously referred to as Sadhu) borrowed a “few” books from me yesterday. I sent her away with all three books from the series The School Of Good And Evil. She returned to play today with a highly confused look on her face which I take full credit for.
  • S1 wanted The Infernal Devices (because I am a highly obsessed fangirl, won’t shut up about Jem, won’t shut up about Will, won’t shut up about Tessa, etcetera, etcetera) and I made a horrible discovery which shocked me to my core (contd in next four-five bullet point bc I feel like it)
  • I picked out Clockwork Prince and Clockwork Princess. I gave them to S1. Alas, the first book was missing. I scoured my entire bookshelf, I tossed out books, I took out the little trays, I even searched my schoolbag… it was all in vain…. I could not find Clockwork Angel. I kept searching, regardless of the voices in my head telling me it wasn’t in the house.


  • I sat on the bed and I thought. Where could a book with a very amazing dude on the cover have gone? Where could it have possibly gone? I thought and thought. I traced my movement, I traced my movements all the way back to when I first started becoming addicted to TID.
  • I figured it out. I dived over the covers and grabbed my phone. I frantically dialled a number. It rang and rang. Nobody picked up. The lady who usually tells you if the number is busy had the audacity to tell me that the number I had dialled did not exist. Of course it existed! That number had dialled me, oh, fifty thousand times!


  • I explained to S1 the tragic tale of what had happened to Clockwork Angel. One and a half years ago, I had lent it to a friend (who shall be remaining anonymous) who had wanted it. I had forgotten about the book until half a year later when the friend told me I could take it back. Somehow, I never took it back… somehow she forgot to return it after that…
  • The number dialled me that evening and I am hopefully getting it back today. (end of legend of my Clockwork Angel.
  • I still have not visited the bookstore and probably won’t until after Tuesday (I am going out of town this Friday and returning Tuesday afternoon). As usual, if you guys have any book recommendations, feel free to comment ’em below.

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  1. bliss936 says:


  2. bliss936 says:

    Via, I need to come to your house for some books. OK?? I forgot to bring it last time

    1. Me: V says:

      🙂 Sure

    2. Me: V says:

      Yeah sure, when?

  3. bliss936 says:

    Um…. Sometime. Maybe when we meet again?

  4. DV says:

    ME TOOO V! I need to borrow a LOT of books if you have em. Yayay Bliss! Let’s meet up at Vs place , but after my exams get over , which is on tuesday. Nice post btw V . Lol. Sadhuu cutesttt I miss her. I miss all of you amazang people . Bye for now g2g.

  5. DV says:

    BTW where am I in the THIS BLOG SHALL BE STARING list? HUHHH?

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