00: Dawn Of Freedom

I am pleased and proud to announce that it has happened.

My exams are over.

*inserts GIFs which I am too lazy to download of people celebrating*

Today I wrote my Hindi exam. I am just a smidge disappointed to say that no miracle took place and I did not do so well but, oh well! What matters is, freedom has dawned. My holidays have begun.

(Well, school does re-open April 3rd and then closes again and then opens again in June but meh)

Today, my friends came over. We did not do much… just watched videos and played Badminton. Half my friends were extremely internet deprived and pounced on the chance to watch Youtube.

Teja and Mana just left. I have officially inaugurated Plan Vampire (see previous post) and Death Of A Bachelor is blasting full volume (I hope my neighbours do not mind).

I have a to do list for the holidays. It is rather extensive but here is a condensed version.

  • Finish reading The Lunar Chronicles, Selection and throw my heart and soul into more series. Anyone have any recommendations?
  • Write.
  • Anime and manga
  • Enter a few new fandoms (because my life hasn’t been ruined enough already)
  • Try using my ao3
  • Play football
  • Actually watch football
  • Socialize…… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Good one, huh?

Anyway, I’ll write daily (I’ll try to) from today.




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