One More (Save Me)

(No, my exams are not over, I have one more but decided to take a little break… you know, in addition to my other ‘little’ breaks)

One of the mysteries of life I have always wanted to solve is how all of my classmates find lower language (A.K.A- Hindi) so easy because I dread lower language with all my heart.

I do not know how I have survived the past years learning lower language. I have no idea how I manage to get As. I have no clue why I dread it so much even though I get As.

My lower language exam is tomorrow. I, being an idiot, did not study at all and am rushing through everything in last minute panic today. Oh and I somehow found time to celebrate Holi and type this post, apparently.

Tomorrow, my friends are coming over to celebrate Independence Day (You know… freedom from exams).

After they leave, I plan to collapse on my bed and listen to Death Of A Bachelor on repeat (Not that it has much to do with exams getting over… I just like the song).

Then I shall run around the neighbourhood singing “Hallelujah, I’m free!” at the top of my lungs.

Then I shall hug my laptop, hug my kindle, hug my books, close the curtains, close my room door and become a vampire.

And when the exam results come, I shall go to the website on which they are posted, hack into it and delete everything.

Just one more to go…

Just one more day to go…

*breaks into sweat*




One Comment Add yours

  1. WittyAyJ says:

    I’m amzed with the lines and could feel mine anxities at that stage…keep it up !

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