Our Drama (And Other Things)

Yesterday, our class performed it’s drama. Every year, we have to perform a drama in English for some judges. We compete with the other sections in the same grade. Last year, it got cancelled due to floods but the year before we did ‘Perseus And Medusa’

(We won)

This year, we performed a play titled ‘The Hilarious Invasion Of The American Revolution’

The story line is this: As all the men leave to fight for the freedom of America (before… when the British were ruling), they leave their wives at home. Their wives, led by Abigail Adams, form a ‘women’s continental congress’ of their own and fight for their rights… and for their country.

Nav got the idea from the net. Some guy had started writing it but had got no further than the first scene before he died or something. Thus, a bold group of six (including me) had to finish it.

It turned out rather well…

We performed it yesterday and it went better than I expected… even if the cast swallowed one or two words by accident… and, erm, left out an entire scene (It was not relevant so no damage but it was pretty funny)

Section ‘A’ performed a play about a family where they think the grandpa is dead… but he’s not. So, there is this whole rights to the house thing… they acted very well.

Section B is us…

Section C performed a play about a customer and the owner getting locked in a pie store and becoming paranoid that somebody is after them… . I didn’t see it because we had to leave after ours.

Section D performed ‘The Last Skitzo’ by RHPC (Ryan Higa Production Company, i.e- Nigahiga). Our class showed up for feedback and just managed to see the part where Hanate shoots himself.

We get our results after the Pongal holidays (*fingers crossed*)

My exams shall end tomorrow. *cheers*

I cannot wait for this class to get over. I just want to skip the final exam and move ON.

*silently wills The Flash to mess with the timeline and erase final exams from existence*

Planning to finish up the entire textbook and take extra notes for next grade during summer vacations and then start a business.

“Oh, pay me 50/- and I shall mark those two lessons for you”

“Oh, pay me 30/- and you can have a copy of my extra notes”

“You want the workings for this math sum? 40/-… fork it over”

I have a new routine where I wake up at six every morning. Proving to be effective!

Riding rollerblades is a LOT harder than you’d think (but I almost got it)

Have to present our ISA activities tomorrow. Just want to write the exam, fake a migraine and go home… *sobs*

Bye People… See You Whenever



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