Happy New Year (Die, 2K16)


(slightly long post. Sorry)

I have every hope that 2k17 shall be a wonderful year filled with rainbows, kittens, puppies and flowers. However, that is not to say, contrary to popular belief, that I am not prepared for terrible things such as relocation to Mars.

(Why am I being a pessimist and borderline cynic and trying to ruin everyone’s 1st Jan? Why was that first para so weird? What Is wrong with me?)

I am diving into the unknown, uncharted waters of this new year armed with-

  • Two footballs. Gaya/Rama got me a white, purple and orange one while my dad/mom got me a black, white an yellow one. I take it all my whining about dishonest people daring to steal my football paid off! But seriously, I love them so much. Thank you so much guys 🙂 (P.S- There is most definitely a football thief as The Myth’s sister Lavvu left their football near the car park and now it’s missing)
  • The One Direction official 2015. Teja and Mana got it for me! It is extremely fab 😉 I also got The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire, FBAWTFT official screenplay and A History of Shadowhunters with illustration by Cassandra Jean whose Tumblr I occasionally, fanatically stalk like a crazed maniac.
  • A strong resolve to finish reading A Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy (I have literally been putting it off for months now. And I call myself a bookworm? And I call myself a geek?)
  • An even stronger resolve to QUIT letting my tea go cold before drinking it (OK this one was because I was drinking tea while writing and had a lovely cooling drink instead of the lovelier hot one I was expecting for winter)
  • Panic. My exams are coming up. Also, next grade, we have an annual exam with the whole year’s portions. Ha ha. Wish me luck dying.
  • A strong love of physics which I strongly hated at the beginning of 2k16. Also a strong hate of biology which I strongly loved at the beginning of 2k16. (I was and am indifferent to chemistry)
  • A new respect for civics because of my new friend, Nav who… (hold on to your hats, this is a weird one) wants to be a ‘good terrorist’ when she grows up… (I think her version of ‘good terrorist’ means something like James Bond…with a mask on. Not sure at all)
  • A few random cats who enter and leave as they please. My favourite was a kitten named Euiler who was better at algebra than me. My dad insisted on naming the other kitten Boiler after the leaving of Euiler. If you think Boiler is bad, he named a dog Ramabadhran and a stuffed RUSSIAN (sputnik from some kids movie about these dogs who hijack a space ship or something) dog, Sarasijanaabasodhari.
  • Slightly improved drawing.
  • Very slightly improved fan fiction writing.
  • George Michael’s ‘Careless Whisper’ running through my head 24/7 because of my mom’s grief about his death and her insistence on playing that song over and over. (She was a heartbroken fangirl! I couldn’t say no!)
  • Knowledge of K-pop! (If you had asked me what it was in Jan 2k16, I would have said it was a brand of candy)
  • A fresh desire to go to space. I always used to be terrified of space because the first story I heard about it was Kalpana Chawla’s space shuttle going ka-boom. BUT, I have decided it will  might be worth it if I can see space.
  • A weird obsession with extra-terrestrial life. I don’t know but the thought that as far as we know, we are the only living creatures in 46 billion light years… IT DOES NOT RESONATE WELL WITH ME!
  • A lot of awesome friends and awesome family.
  • A resolve to get into science fiction (I get obsessed with this resolve, EVERY time I watch TBBT and see them geeking out)
  • A very fickle mind. I change my thoughts and opinions SO often that my friends have stopped believing me the first time I say something and instead wait to see if I don’t change it for some time. THEN, they believe me.
  • A strong love for directing. I have wanted to be a screen writer for a long time but I got to direct our school play for one day coz Adu (the director) had to go somewhere and I seriously loved it. Now, I want to be a director when I grow up. (I KNOW this idea probably does NOT resonate well with ANYONE but I really, really, really want to make movies out of all of Rainbow Rowell’s books… come one, just think of the AESTHETIC!)
  • A disturbing love of the word ‘aesthetic’ (I throw it around like confetti)
  • A resolve (which I’ll never keep) to try and wake up extra early cos, where I live, it’s really beautiful in the morning.
  • Attempts to keep my room clean (EVERYONE I KNOW: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha)
  • Complicated thoughts which are so complicated and have so many loops and twists that I do not even know what I am thinking half the time.
  • A deep love for trains. See, I was feeling very emotional. Then I went and listened to a bunch of extremely aesthetic songs. Do you know the best feeling in the world? Listening to Blue Neighbourhood with headphones… on a moving train past fields and rural areas. To me, NOTHING BEATS THAT FEELING!
  • A decision to be more eco friendly. I have always tried, believe me. Then I fail. This year… I SHALL TRY EXTRA HARD!
  • A tree friend called jerry. There is a. tree outside our classroom. Teja, Mana and I named him Jerry. In the sanest way possible, we talk to him everyday cos research has proven that trees and plants grow better when you talk to them. We also pour whatever is left in our water bottles for him and these tiny plants that grow next to him at the end of the day.

In all seriousness, have an amazing year guys =)



(P.S- Yesterday… I am just talking to Vandhu on the phone and Teja/Mana randomly walk in… then all my other friends walk in…. thanks for the permission and the cake, mom! You guys are the best)



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