Things I do

All right, here is a list of weird things I usually do. If you do any of these… um, hello my people!

  1. Write fan-fiction inside my head just before I go to sleep and mentally thinking ‘wow this is good’ but then forgetting every word of it when I wake up.
  2. Come up with deep, meaningful phrases when I am ranting inside my head and then never figuring out when and where to use them and eventually forgetting them.
  3. Stare at the mirror all dramatically and morbidly to pretend I’m in a music video
  4. Stare out of the window… to pretend I am in a music video
  5. Listen to Troye singing like the angel he is and trying really, really hard not to cry and failing miserably (oh c’mon! Don’t judge! You go listen to his entire album and try being emotionless).
  6. Play shake it off and dance really badly. What?
  7. Sit down all dramatically with a new black pen, a notebook, imagine a masterpiece with ink and then draw a stick figure of a humanoid cat.
  8. Start seeing fan-art for all my OTPs and then just jump up and down in my chair silent-screaming because all the cuteness is too much to handle. The worst part about this is I have a large window and I am doing the up-down jumping most of the day so I am just really surprised none of my neighbors have called the ambulance yet because they thought I was having a fit.
  9. Screaming at invisible people in my room. It can be about anything. How happy I am or I’ll be screaming what I want to scream at somebody else at them or I would have just realized something obvious and I’ll be screaming about how stupid I am. Of course it’ll be silent screaming. It’ll be entertraining to have me as a room-mate.
  10. Watch Taylor vs Treadmill 5 times on repeat.
  11. Watch the Blue Neighborhood trilogy with blankets, my dolls and an ice cream in case I get too depressed.
  12. Start writing, like, 500 stories and then decide that they are bad and delete them.
  13. Idly think that if I was famous my fans would appreciate my personality and I’d win ‘celeb who is sort of just like us and is a fangirl’ award (if there is something like that of course) But for now, since I am not famous so I just have to take being weird.
  14. Also idly start pointing out all my flaws before writing down all my flaws and then noticing that there is a new video on Jon’s channel and forgetting all my flaws.
  15. Notice some new online fight/issue which is going strong and getting out the popcorn and watching everyone fight while I wisely (yeah right) stay out of it while assuring everyone that I am neutral (and picking sides in my head)
  16. Replay some conversations I’ve had and kicking myself while going “Honestly? You seriously said THAT? What is wrong with you?”
  17. Count down the days for the hiatus of all my favorite things to be over.
  18. Draw super bad fan-art which I will only be showing to my friends who all assure me I doodle very well. Sighhh, I have nice friends:)
  19. Run over 100 speeches in my head for when I will need them (the topics for the speeches are many which range from ‘In case someone tries to bully my friends’ to ‘In case someone insults Disney and 20th Century Fox’).
  20. Vaguely remember that solangelo is canon at random times and start grinning suddenly and have everyone look at me weirdly.

Yup, I have a lot, lot more but I can’t write all of them. So… any offers to be my room-mate?ūüėČ

Types of fictional couples

Almost every book has a romantic involvement. The thing is, when you read enough books, you begin noticing a certain pattern among the relationships which can also apply to movies, shows and real life. I am listing them out here. Let’s go!

  1. The Love Triangle-
    Let’s be honest! It’s there in nearly every book! There will be someone who has a crush on this girl/boy who naturally likes someone else or likes both of them, etc. Examples? The famous of famous love triangles: Katniss, Peeta and Gale.
    As for the less famous love triangles, Jem, Will and Tessa. To save fans from eternal heartbreak, immortality made sure she could end up with both of them. Thank you! Also Clary, Simon and Jace.
    I am not sure if this counts as a love triangle but probably Mark, Cristina and Kieran. Mark should honestly stop making me ship him with everyone who is not related to him. Most love triangles end up with someone doing something wrong or with someone finding someone else (other than in case of Jem, Will and Tessa)
    Also I thank J.K Rowling with all my heart for not making the golden trio a love triangle. Though many, many people ship Harmony, I am a hardcore romione shipper so THANK YOU JK!
  2. Soulmates-
    Y’know, the people who you know are going to end up together as soon as they meet.You can love or hate this couple it doesn’t matter but they’ll 100% end up together. You will KNOW this. Something like the lyrics to¬†Stole my heart– Just one look and you stole my heart. Hey… is that Jasper over there? No, wait it’s percabeth!
  3. The forbidden love-
    This is officially the most common type of relationship. The two people who are not supposed to be together (for reasons like they could be ‘related’ or be parabatai¬†or be married to someone else or something)¬†and are not good at following rules (cough Jemma, cough Clace)
  4. The randomosity attack-
    That one random out of nowhere ship NOBODY expected but loves at the same time. Person A could literally crash land on person B’s island (I am not trying to name names here… yes I am) and, BAYUM! A ship! I haven’t seen Caleo in a while…. have you? Or Kitty for that fact.
  5. A good and evil controversy-
    Y’know! One good person. One evil (or less good) person who naturally decide that they like each other. It doesn’t even need to be good and evil. Just two totally opposite people who naturally make the cuteest couple ever. I just KNOW I saw romione rush past!
  6. Nerd love-
    The name explains it all, no?
  7. Geekly chic-
    Have to give my friend credit for the name. Anyway, this is that nerd/geek and the popular person. A little like the opposite good and evil controversy I guess. Now why is Sizzy appearing everywhere in front of my eyes? Every rom-com movie ever! Why is every teenage rom-com movie ever flashing past my eyes!?
  8. The social outcasts-
    Y’know, the two social outcasts. Crazy one, nerdy one, wimpy one, whatever. Nuna. Nuna. Nuna. Nuna. Oh c’mon! These two are perfect for each other!
  9. That gay ship who everyone loves-
    Okay let’s be real. Almost everyone is constantly gushing (make that complaining) about how cute their gay ships are. Nearly every single book has that one (or more) adorable gay ship which is impossible NOT to love. I cannot even name all of them! Solangelo, Malec, Kitty, Kierark, 100 more. Why so cute?
  10. Cheese, cheese and more cheese-
    The ship doesn’t need to be BAD. Just overly cheesy. Or plain ‘ol cheesy. Whatever it is. They can either be cheesy up to a point where you start hating it or cheesy up to a point it becomes cute and you start liking it even more.

Yup, that is it so far. 10 types of ships pr couples in books, movies, shows and real life. Naturally I have not listed all the examples or we would be here forever so think of your own OTP (one true pairing) and fit them into whatever category you think will suit them.


The friendship tag ft M


My best friend M is currently here… with me. We thought we’d do a friendship tag. We might have done a video, but we are still figuring out how to upload it, so I thought why not write it down! Let’s go!


When and how did we first meet?

M- Well, my mom and her mom were neighbors when both the ‘moms’ were pregnant. So tips for each other…yadda yadda yadda…..and then whee!!!! ¬†We,the rays of sunshine were born!!!! So…we were friends from when V¬†was 10 months old and I¬†was ummm… a month? I don’t know..(too much math)

V- yeah totally. Only I don’t remember a single thing. Look, I am sorry… I barely remember my name. How am I supposed to remember what happened when I was born? I was still figuring out what species I was!

Who is your best friend’s hero?

M- NIL??? She has never told me……I don’t know…One Direction???

V- technically speaking, I DON’T have any role models or heroes. I do love a LOT of people (if I told you all of them, you would faint). I don’t think you have a hero/role model either…. right?

What is the name of your best friend’s crush?

V- Caspar Lee. It is SO Caspar Lee. It used to be Tom Felton… right? Right.

M-Niall Horan. And a loooooooot of others (trust me,you don’t want to know.)

What is your best friend’s biggest fear?

V- The dark.

M- Dogs. More dogs. Dogs, dogs, dogs.

How long does it take your best friend to get dressed?

M- A good question. Well,she takes how much ever time you give her. If you say 5 minutes, she’ll get ready in 5 minutes. If you say half a day, she’ll take that much time too. Nothing is impossible.

V- I hate you. Anyway, not that much time I guess. 5 minutes mostly… or 10. Or 15… not more than that.

What is your favorite inside joke?

V- Chicken soup. Don’t even ASK! It just has a lot to do with over-active imaginations, Harry Styles, Pirates of the Carribean and home theatres. PLEASE don’t ask!

M- Chicken soup. As V said… don’t even ask. (*chuckles*)

What favourite memory do you two share?

M and V- The chicken soup party with fictional characters, imaginary celebrities and stuffed toys. The chicken soup too… DON’T ASK! And no we are not mad… well, maybe a little. Doesn’t matter!

What is the last book your best friend read?

M- Connor Franta’s Work in Progress. she won’t shut up about it.

V- Trials of Apollo. Yay! Now we both can go around fangirling about Solangelo and everything else like some crazed cult!

What is the one thing your best friend would want for their birthday?

V- Meeting all her fav singers

M- To go to any of her favourite singers’ (which include….take a deep breath, Taylor Swift, One Direction, Troye Sivan, Lindsey Stirling, Sabrina Carpenter, Selena Gomez Etc.etc.)

What is the meanest thing someone has ever said to your best friend

V- someone at school has said mean stuff to her. I’m not mentioning exactly what they were… let’s just say that if I went to the same school,¬†someone¬†would be in trouble *angel face*. Nobody can really be over-mean to M though. She’s too sweet!

M- I’m not mentioning names….somebody said mean (by that I mean,MEAN) things to her, like, to¬†her face, that too when I was there. If I were brave, (which I am not, even though I am getting my karate black belt next year) I would have gone and punched her face. One more time (cough,cough)¬†somebody ELSE said something about her hair (which my dear friend is very sensitive about) also when I was there,I could not stand it and I went and told her something (lalalala) and it probably made her swear never to tease V again (Halo appears around my head)

Aaaaaaand that is the end of the friendship tag! Wait wait! M! Quick mini-byte q about me! a) Do I ship Tronnor or Conler and b) Do I ship Solangelo or Pernico? Quick!  Answer!

M- a) tronnor, duh..(even if Conler is very cute)

V- Oh yay! You answered those two well…. though those are two very obvious facts about meūüėČ Honestly, anyone who has even talked to me for 5 minutes will know most of my ships…. yeah, I am obsessive (anyone think I should make another post listing all my ships and OTPs in alphabetical order? Please say yes! lol)… congrats!

Leaves and stems- thoughts by me and my best friend

To start off, my friend and I went to dinner with our moms. A totally last minute idea. Nothing could possibly go wrong… right? RIGHT.

Well, we go to an Italian restaurant. WHAT do our moms order? LEAVES AND STEMS! No I am not even exaggerating. Ceaser salad comprising lettuce and one or two olives. Also mashed potatoes. LITERALLY mashed potatoes.

My¬†friend and I- we were sensible and ordered what Italy is famous for… PIZZA. What do our moms order? Leaves and MEXICAN stems. We were naturally highly scandalized. We had after careful deliberation settled on an extra cheese pizza and spaghetti (there was this one pizza named Sadu but we didn’t order that as that is what we call one of our friends)

Our food arrived. We ate and ate and ate and ate… and¬†ate. We still managed to order a drink too! Our moms? Wait for it…

They claimed to be full up on leaves and stems and didn’t order dessert. Didn’t. order. dessert. They behaved like they ate a whole camel! (get it? Dessert? Camel?)

Behavior wise… they were very mom. We¬†tried regaling them with funny posts about Percy what-do-you-mean-I-am-not-your-type and Solangelo. They rolled their eyes.¬†Can you believe it? How can anyone not want to hear about the grand #Nico has a doctor’s note joke?

My friend came up with a quote which I assure you will one day find it’s way into famous magazines and into the hearts of the public.

“Moms don’t want to eat; They want to finish”

Beautiful quote right? She accompanied it with the classic examples of her mom and my mom always telling us to FINISH so and so and not EAT so and so. Get it? Get it? GET IT?

Over all it was an… enlightening experience. We even made a song which we sang all the way back home (Leaves and stems, how can they be full on them…)¬†



Your fairy godmother is here

Hello! I have decided to start a new… thingmajing called ‘My fairy godmother tips’.
Now I don’t want y’all immediately thinking your life problems are over and that you can rely on my advice because let’s face it. I am not exactly qualified to give others advice when I can barely solve my own problems.

But, I will anyway share my very bad tips and advice with you. My very self centered tips and advice but tips and advice. This week’s special is…. tips on how to get rid of boredom! Actually new things and things you could check out if you are bored. Never fear when you clumsy fairy godmother’s here!

All right, let’s start off with books. What to read if you are bored. I will recommend a few books and trilogies for you. Age groups ranging from 11-16+

I assume that nearly everyone in this universe has either read or seen Harry Potter so I will leave that alone. Almost everyone I’ve met has read Percy Jackson too so I’ll leve that too. If you haven’t however you can try them out since most people I’ve met love both of them and so do I.
Try all the Cassandra Clare books. Lady Midnight which I read recently was amazing, beautiful and made me want to bang my head against a wall. Warning, if you are going to read Cassandra Clare’s books you need to make sure that you are not too prone to depression, crying fits and long term denial. Start with City of Bones. Also fair warning, if you like the first book you will be tempted to read more and then be pulled into a vortex of Malec, clace, sizzy and much, much more.
I also recently read a book called School of Good and Evil which I really liked. Try that. Also read the Girl Online books by Zoella/Zoe Sugg because they are really addicting. Try the Princess Diaries series. I loved them but they got slightly less interesting after the sixth book.
If you’re into mystery I recommend the Three Investigators. Start with Terror castle. I cannot help you if you are into comics because the only comics I read are Calvin and Hobbes, Tintin, etc. Sorry.

Let’s move on to movies! Got it? Move… Movies? Moving on. Heh heh. Not age specific I guess but if you are looking for adult movies… sorry. All I watch is rom-com and animated.¬†

The Jungle Book. Not the original though that is also very good. The new one is very, very awesome. I will not be listing all the latest movies since I am bad at keeping up with those but will be listing a bunch of old time favorites of mine which actually might be easier to get on DVD, etc.
Tintin. The movie. Secret of the Unicorn. The Emporer’s new groove (animated) Descendants (disney original movie) The reluctant dragon (It’s an inside look on movie studios as well as a story) Toy Story 1,2 and 3, Home Alone 1,2,3 and 4. Diary of a wimpy kid. I have only seen Dog Days and Rodrick Rules so I’ll recommend both of them.
Wizards of Waverly place: The movie and Alex vs Alex. Monte Carlo which is very sweet. The princess protection program. Home. Big Hero Six. Inside Out. Mary Poppins, Sound of Music, My fair lady which are all old but gold. Star Wars. All. All the Harry Potters. Definitely not the Percy Jacksons. I have more but that is it for now.

Music. Wanna download music? Welcome ma cheries!

Okay most of y’all have heard Taylor Swift, 1D, Selena and so on so I won’t be nameing their songs. Listen to Bridgit Mendler coz she’s really under-rated. You get most of her songs on YouTube or else just download. Listen to Sabrina Carpenter. Her new single is amazing! Listen to Troye Sivan. Like, right now.
I’ll just attach a list of my playlist of other singles. I love all the songs on my playlist so listen. I am not including any albums or any of above singers coz I only have them as Albums. I know you have probably heard most of these but if you haven’t heard one or two… those are my recommendations.
Break free- Ariana Grande
Centuries- Fall Out Boy
Coffee Shop Love- Ryan Higa
Confident- Demi Lovato
Demons- Imagine Dragons
Focus- Ariana Grande
Glowing in the dark- The girl and the dreamcatcher
Hymn for the weekend- Coldplay
I know what you did last summer- Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello
Lean On- Major Laze and DJ Snake ft MO
Learning to fly- Tom Petty and the heartbreakers
Monsters- Ruelle
New Classic- Selena Gomez and Drew Seeley
Party in the USA- Miley Cyrus
Problem- Ariana Grande
Radioactive- Imagine Dragons
See you again- Charlie Puth ft Wiz Khalifa
Shake it up- Selena Gomez (theme for shake it up)
Smoke and Fire- Sabrina Carpenter
Sorry- Justin Bieber
Take on the world- Sabrina Carpenter and Rowan Blanchard
This is the hunt- Ruelle
Uptown Funk- Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars
War of hearts- Ruelle
Watch Me- Zendaya and Bella Thorne
Wonderland- Taylor Swift

If you are a hopeless fangirl like me… ships which are very cute and you could join¬†another hopeless fandom.

Romione, Malec, Solangelo, Kierark, Kitty, Sizzy, Jasper (my opinion people!), Nuna, Jessa, Wessa, Percabeth, Larry, Haylor (my opinion people!), Tronnor, etc. If you view these few ships you might ‘accidentely’ view a 100 others and become an avid shipper. Good luck.

Other random things you could do

Doodle. Try drawing fan-art however bad it is. Write. Whatever you want. Try reading fan-fiction. I am a hypocrite as I don’t do this but you could! Fake-dance. Real dance. Try a cartwheel (I can do this yay) Attempt a full split. Find out whether one of your fav authors has been writing short stories and posting them online. I did this. Now I know why Will is scared of ducks.
Sleep. Eat. Play football. Read my blog. Okay the last one was a joke. Kind of. If you don’t have a blog, start one.

Other random YouTubers you could try

Joe Sugg…. the prank videos are some of the funniest creations in the planet. Jon Cozart. Now. Connor Franta, Tyler Oakley, Troye Sivan, IIsuperwomanII (the new vid is funny), NigaHiga, Zoella, Danisnotonfire, amazing phil, PewdiePie, Pointless blog, Caspar Lee, I’m out of breath. The last one was not a name in case you wondered.

I’m all out. Of course if you are at the point of desperation I have no cure. Maybe because I find myself at the point of desperation often. Now, I have helped you (I think) Help me. Movies? Books? YouTubers? Ships? Songs?


The desert island tag

Yes I made this up. I am asking myself questions and answering them. I am weird. I know, let’s get started…

Hi! This is me and I will me asking… me some questions. Let’s go!
You are going to get stranded on a desert island for 5 years. Name 5 objects you will take with you. Food and water don’t count.

Erm… let’s see…
1) My entire book cupboard and my kindle (yes they count as one object. I don’t wanna hear it!)
2) My computer with wifi. Or if there is no plugin or whatever. Laptop with eternal batteries and wifi.
3) 100 notebooks and 3000 black pens (ALSO counts as one object)
4) My phone with all my songs transferred from computer and eternal charge.
5) Oh I don’t know…. how about a ship? Or a helicopter?

Helicopters and ships do not count. Moving on, you see a ship coming. You wave and scream but they don’t notice. What do you do?

I have no intention of staying on that long. Why? Simple. Um… I have wifi. I’ll just email everyone I know. Also I have my phone. I’ll just call the police or the nearest naval office. Simple. I plan and pack y’know?

Grrr…. nobody believes you. Now ship. Coming. Nobody sees you. Answer.

Sigh…. you really make this hard don’t you? Well I will use the ‘Via technique’. The right combination of noise and visuals. By the way, don’t you think my entire book cupboard and all those other stuff will be quite noticeable? Anyway, I’ll just light a bonfire maybe and play that annoyingly loud ringtone on the phone. Y’know the one which can be heard blocks away?

Fine. Before the ship, you obviously have to survive on the island. So what type of shelter do you build?

Oh. No see I’m bad at constructing shelters. I cannot even make a house out of those tiny building blocks meant for little kids. So what would I do? I’d just clear a space beneath the trees. If there is a storm…. erm I don’t know? Maybe I would try and construct a shelter after all. Though ¬†it would look like a cross between a weaver bird’s nest and a mud hole. I’ll have er 4 walls… one with a door and… a roof. Another question!

Well it is obvious that you are pathetic. Anyway, what would you hate most about living in a desert island?

The part about it being a desert island. Next!

Sigh… no seriously answer that.

Depends on the timeline. If it’s around now, the part that I’ll miss the release of cursed child, the dark prophecy, lord of shadows and so on because I’m stuck on the blasted island for 5 days. That’s why I needed wifi y’know, to get online pdf. Too bad there is nobody to fix it if the computer got a virus. Who invented computer viruses anyway? It’s a ruddy machine! It’s not supposed to get sick! That’s our job.

My heart bleeds. Would you be lonely?

Well… yeah. Duh! I do have a special talent of talking to myself though so I would have some wonderful company.

You talk to yourself?

I am pretty much doing that right now by asking myself questions and answering them. Move on.

I guess…. this is giving me a headache. Whatever, what would you like about the experience?

I can pretty much do whatever I want I guess. It’s a desert island! No homework! Also, nobody to play football with. Darn. Unless I can train the monkeys there. Oh my gods, are there monkeys there?

Erm, no…. no monkeys. On the subject of talking to yourself, what would you talk to yourself about?

I fail to see what this has to do with desert islands but a lot of things actually. I’ll go alphabetically… Apple juice, Afro hair, Alec Lightwood, Astoria Greengrass-

Okay okay! Got the point!

But I had 200-300 more items to list.

That is perfectly fine. Will you be fine at night? Could you sleep?

I’d miss my house and family at first but considering I am replacing the ship/helicopter with pillows and blankets…. I usually end up snoring if I have two pillows-one for my head and one to hug. Though I actually don’t snore. I talk in my sleep but not important.

All right. Final question. You never mentioned change of clothes. Is this something you have not thought about?

You crazy? Of course I thought about it. I will not be packing any change of clothes. I will merely wear half the things I own while setting out.I’ll remove all but the dress I am planning to wear on day 1 and keep changing. I think about these things, okay?

All right! That is the end of the desert island tag. I take pity upon your great patheticness. 

You realize you are just insulting yourself… right?

No I’m not…. I’m…. er….


I… I….

Our questioner has been taken ill. Wait the questioner is me and I’m fine. Oh well! Bye!


Trials of Apollo- The hidden oracle

Yup read it! My dad got it on Kindle for me this morning and I parked myself on my bed and kept my eyes glued to the screen until the book was done. My thoughts?

It. was. beautiful.

Should you read it? Um yes. You don’t read Percy Jackson? Read all the other books and then read this. I will not spoil EVERYTHING for you but in order to give a review I mustspoil a few things.


Firstly, can I say how much I loved Nico’s character development? He’s no longer the lonely brooding person he was in the previous books. Now he’s settled, found a home, found friends and a boyfriend (yes you heard me right. Solangelo fans, start screaming your head off) and is actually happy which is so awesome because if anyone deserves happiness, it’s this kid. Yes, THANK YOU Rick Riordan for FINALLY taking the hint and giving Nico a break:)
What I love most about this is, he didn’t lose his personality. He didn’t suddenly become somebody totally different and become all this perky kid or whatever. He still retained his slightly emo personality and now has a beautiful sense of sarcasm which I love.

I also loved the character of Apollo. I mean it showed typical self centered Apollo but then also showed a new side to him which would definitely have not been known if this book hadn’t been written. I mean it shows his weak sides and his strengths which come out after some time into the book. From his POV everything is exactly how you’d expect things to be for a god who has become mortal and shows him starting to appreciate ‘mortals’ and towards the end he is contemplating on what a lousy god he was (Yes, APOLLO! Don’t speak, I KNOW!)
He still doesn’t change completely at the end of the book which I liked because, oh come on, a COMPLETELY humble and saintlike Apollo? ‘Ain’t happening. And it’s staying that way.

The plot-line was very interesting. I assume that it must be common information that Python has taken over the Oracle of Delphi? It gives a closer look into that and the fact that (SPOILER) there are more oracles blew my mind.

I liked the fact that there was a powerful daughter of Demeter as I always felt children of Demeter were under-rated. Too bad she….. sorry I won’t spoil anything more:)

Oh and if you are expecting to see a lot of the 7 (with Reyna¬†and¬†coach Hedge) don’t get your hopes up. They don’t play major roles at all. Jason, Piper, Frank, Hazel, Annabeth, Coach and Reyna don’t show at all.
Leo and Calypso (SPOILER) come back at the end but are only featured for a few pages which involve everyone punching, slapping and kicking Leo. Percy shows up at the beginning and at the ending but he is busy studying for college so he absolutely refuses to be part of any quest.

That was slightly disappointing but hey! There’s a whole NEW crew now and it’s not like the 7 (+Reyna and Coach Hedge) can stick around forever. So cannot wait for the next book to find out what happens. I don’t think we’ll see any more of Nico, Will or Percy in the next few books. At least this book ended that way.

I was a little¬†struck at Rachel’s change. She hasn’t changed too much but she’s suddenly more mature and HAS STOPPED WEARING DOODLE FILLED JEANS! At least in this book she didn’t. Sigh. Also I liked the picture of her as the girl with flaming red hair and freckles. But that’s okay I guess.

Villain points? Full. I despised him. For all that he did (which SPOILER include nearly destroying camp, nearly killing all those campers, killing Meg’s dad and pushing Solangelo in water). The only non villain-like thing? I keep calling him NEMO by accident. And who can hate that little clown fish?

Percy seems a lot more mature since the last few books but truthfully he wasn’t featured way too much and he was a little more mature in HoO too.

Overall this book was amazing and absolutely cannot wait for more books. Is there any way to time travel into the future and get it?

#Nico has a doctor’s note


Purchase here

Mother’s Day

Happy mothers day mom!

I know you are reading this because since when have you failed to read one of my posts and leave annoying comments on them? Despite the annoying comments, thanks for being my most regular reader…. too bad after reading each article you proceed to correct my grammar and spelling errors.

Yeah, of all occupations you could have chosen, you HAD to choose editingūüėČ

Anyway, thank you. For all the mom stuff you have ever done. With a few NON-mom stuff such as:

Listening to One Direction in the car and then going and seeing the community on G+ and googling them up too. In fact I don’t know whether to be mortified or happy. You have stopped referring to them as One DIMENSION though so thanks for that.

Reading Harry Potter and then googling up random facts and telling me all of them although I was 2 steps ahead and had already seen those plus a hundred othersūüėČ

Having a Jon Cozart marathon with me and then deciding you loved his videos. After that, I remember we had an Ellen marathon too. However it would do well if you managed to remember Jon’s NAME as I am getting sick of referring to him as the ‘HP in 99 seconds guy’

Loving my animated movies and watching them with me… though you might occasionally doze off. I have SEEN you so don’t even think about denying it.

Anyway, thanks for all the mom and non mom times. Love you!‚̧

Cat noises

I got a violin…

It’s a lot harder to play than expected.After one and a half hours I managed to play something that sounded like the Darth Vader theme as well as the first two notes of another star wars theme.

Then I tuned it properly and lost the Darth Vader theme. Dang it! I still had the first two notes of the other star wars thingy though!

Then I think I played it too much (If you can call it play) and all the resin… left? Whatever, it stopped making violin like sounds and made a sound of the wind blowing through the desert.

I know, I know, what a BEAUTIFUL reference. It was better than the cat noises made at first though!

NOTE TO SELF- get resin

NOTE TO SELF- -practice more fingering (I did get fingering I just cannot do it fast. Oh and sometimes it switches from tune to cat noises)

So, any advice on how to make it NOT switch to cat noises all of a sudden? I’ll be trying and actually getting a tune when the dumb violin decides to go all warrior cat on me.
Okay maybe it’s my fault but still!

Stuff I do in class


  1. Dream up various scenarios in which thieves, etc enter and I single handedly save the day.

2) Sing quietly and pretend I am on stage

3) Dream up more scenarios

4) Doodle in my notebook

5) Drum my fingers on the table and pretend I am a famous drummer

6) Look at my shoes and admire the intricate weave of the laces

7) Vaguely wonder that if a tiger comes in am I thin enough to squeeze through he bars in the window? (I probably am. It’s just my head isn’t)

8) Idly write fan-fiction inside my head with the best writing skills ever then totally forget it all later

9) Get a couple of ideas that could maybe end global warming and forget them later

10) Wonder which color streak to get in my hair when I grow up

11) Wonder if I’ll have a room-mate in college and then remember Teja wants to go to the same college so she can be my room-mate

12) Start planning college life

13) Dream up inspirational speeches in case I get famous and then forget the speeches

14) Feel ashamed at not paying attention and thus scan the entire chapter in 5 minutes (I am a fast reader so I do read the chapter) and go back to day-dreaming feeling less guilty

15) While marking answers, doodle over the entire textbook and when the teacher walks by, position myself in such a way so she does not see the doodles

16) Dream up my life in the near future which happens to be something out of a soap opera and feeling so sorry for ‘me’ that I nearly start sobbing in class

17) Quickly glance into friend’s textbook to make sure I am in the right page and make a bunch of complex calculations as to when I will need to turn the page and go back to dreaming

18) When the teacher is dictating from the textbook and we (my friend and I) are supposed to be taking notes but hey all the notes are in the textbook so we just write notes to each other under the pretense of taking notes and take a few real notes in a different page so if the teacher checks we can show her that page (which was my idea)

19) Towards the end of the lesson, start feeling terrified that she will make people answer questions so scan the textbook again for good measure and check friend’s note-filled book

20) As soon as the bell rings, show friends my doodles