Death Note Cringe Attack

Death Note (Japaneseデスノート HepburnDesu Nōto?) is a Japanese manga series written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata


My ‘wonderful’ ‘art’….

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*cringe attack*

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Thoughts On Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

Admittedly, I am a biased fangirl and maybe it is that biased side of me speaking but I would give this movie 5/5 stars any day.

The only Harry Potter film I had ever seen in theatres was Deathly Hallows part II. There was good sound, decent 3D and hordes of potter heads screaming their heads off.

Fantastic Beasts was seen in the theatre. In IMAX. The films’ effects are enough to blow anyone’s mind without the extremely realistic 3D and the state of art sound system. With IMAX…. *faints*

Ahem…. forgetting the theatre and focusing on the film:

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them- A Sorta Biased, Short Review

(i) Newt Scamander, is to put it formally, a cinnamon roll.

(Maybe there are some who do not see that as formal but I can guarantee that it is true)

Having been on an action movie stream before, I was getting used to tough, brooding, heroes and this was a nice change as Newt Scamander is a ray of sunshine whose main aim is to protect his case of magical creatures.

(ii) Tina Goldstein is, to put it truthfully, amazing.

In the movie, Tina is a demoted auror from MACUSA (The Magical Congress Of The United States Of America) who arrests Newt after a Niffler gets out of his case and causes mild mayhem at the bank.


(iii) Jacob Kowalski is, to put it lightly, too awesome for words.

Jacob is a No-Maj or Muggle who accidentally switches his suitcase of pastries with Newt’s case of magical creatures. (His dream is to own a bakery). He gets attacked by a creature which got loose from the case which leads to Tina taking him as witness.

(iv) Queenie Goldstein is everybody’s crush.

Tina’s sister is an accomplished legilimens, very good witch, all round badass, beautiful personality… well, you probably get the point. People in the movie love her, people not in the movie love her and if aliens saw the movie… well, they’d love her too.

The plot is extremely simple (ha ha NO).

**Spoiler Alert**

Newt Scamander travels to America during the age of Grindewald, carrying a suitcase which contains more magical beasts than I have the patience to count. After a niffler gets loose, he is arrested by Tina Goldstein and taken to MACUSA.

Tina and he realise that his case has been switched and the actual suitcase full of magical creatures has been taken by a muggle/no-maj called Jacob Kowalski. By the time they get to his house, he has been attacked and some magical creatures have escaped.

Tina takes Jacob as witness to the magical creatures getting loose and they go back to Tina’s house. As Newt and Jacob attempt to track down the creatures, people are being killed by something called an Obscurus.

Therefore, it is up to them to find all the creatures, stop the Obscurus, etc, etc…

The effects will blow your mind, the storyline is exciting, engaging and will have you sobbing like a baby. The characters are amazing, the acting is very good, the animals are very cute (or scary… maybe both), the music is too good.

The movie contains the magic of Harry Potter and will have you back in the Wizarding world (pfft, like you ever left) even if Hogwarts does not appear in the movie.

The countdown for 2018 (second movie release) will start as soon as the credits do.

So, if you haven’t seen the movie…. GO SEE THE MOVIE!

If you have, leave your thoughts in the comments🙂

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3 Day Quote Challenge Day #3

Last quote for this challenge🙂

To me, fearless is not the absence of fear. It’s not being completely unafraid. To me, fearless is having fears. Fearless is having doubts. Lots of them. To me, fearless is living in spite of those things that scare you to death. But no matter what love throws at you, you have to believe in it. You have to believe in love stories and prince charmings and happily ever after. That’s why I write these songs. Because I think love is fearless

– Taylor Swift

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Arrest That Awkward Criminal

I have been informed numerous times that I am too awkward for this world. I do not live in a state of denial and I know fully well that I am one of the most awkward human beings to ever live.

When I do not know what to say, I start being so awkward that it influences others.

In front of the class, when I once got good Physics marks, I jumped up and down like a rabbit and hopped to my place. Everyone laughed which made me happy as I like making people laugh and my teacher fixed me a look suggesting that I was a juvenile immature for whom she should not have given good marks.

In front of my crush, I turn into a mass of awkward silence and I make him so awkward that even he lapses into awkward silence which is… well, awkward.

I hop, skip, jump, wave my hands, talk too fast, say things that make no sense, have zero grace, zero elegance, trip, spin, bang into things, ruin my own ‘love’ life, give a great build up and then end up falling over the football…

Sadhu is constantly saying,

“Via, you radiate awkwardness. I am the least awkward person ever and even I become one percent awkward around you”

Now, I do not mind my constant hyper activeness and awkwardness. I am energetic all the time. And I do not mean physically energetic. Mentally energetic. To me, my hyper activeness and awkwardness are just a sign that I am fresh and not bored.

(Honestly, I hate being bored. When I am bored, it is a terrible clash of my energy and my laziness which means I am hyper but too lazy to do anything)

There are some times when I wish I wasn’t so awkward (that is mostly when I babble nonsense or don’t say anything and ruin some aspect of my life temporarily)

However, I never thought my awkwardness would ever get me into trouble.

I have a friend called Vandhu. Every teacher, sorry Vandhu, hates her. Hate is maybe a strong word… OK, they all strongly dislike her.

She is not that awkward but she does wave her hands, walk a little awkwardly, talk loudly, talk, talk, constantly get into trouble in class, talk, and so on.

I do not talk as much in class. I also try not to disrupt the class.

My second language teacher has it in for me, Vandhu and Teju.

Trust me, Teju and I don’t even do anything. And Vandhu has stopped yelling, talking, throwing pencil pouches, etc.

The day before yesterday, we hadn’t brought our notebooks so we sat down with our books like our teacher asked us to. I was doodling a wonderful character for my comic book empire which I would have when I grow up (not statistically likely, but one can dream), Vandhu, Teju, S, Manu and Adu were talking and reading.

Then the teacher yells at my work saying that my handwriting is not neat although everyone else agreed that it was very neat and tells me to rewrite. Teju and S have written the exact same information from Wikipedia (lel) and ma’am tells Teja to rewrite and gives S marks.

We silently bent over our work (Vandhu was muttering darkly under her breath).

Then out of the blue, the teacher yells at S and Adu to never sit with ‘our gang’ (look at that, I’m in a gang) and tells us to bring our parents to school to meet her.

After the class, we go and ask her what we did. instead of answering, she says ‘What DIDN’T you do’?

Me in my head: That doesn’t quite answer our question

She tells Teja something about her being too much like Vandhu which was very weird since they are very different.

I asked her what the heck I did (As I did not do anything) and she answers my question with the above question and tells me that I am a copy of Vandhu. I gesture a little and ask her what that means and what I did.

She tells me something about gestures like that and something about me leaning too much on the bench, keeping my leg out too much, waving too much, messy hair (not my fault OK???), etc.

Me in my head: Waitaminute…. you want to call my mom because… I’m too AWKWARD?

She told us we didn’t need to but if we repeat the behaviour she would call our parents.

When I told Sadhu about this in an indignant tone, she burst out laughing. I was affronted but then realised how ridiculous the whole thing was.

I will let you know if she does eventually call my mother.



3 Day Quote Challenge Day #2

 Took an untrodden path once, where the swift don’t win the race
It goes to the worthy, who can divide the word of truth
Took a stranger to teach me, to look into justice’s beautiful face
And to see an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth

– Bob Dylan (I and I)

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3 Day Quote Challenge Day #1

Many thanks to the lovely Samanthamurdochblog for nominating me for this challenge🙂

Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.

– Dr Seuss

Like most challenges I do, it’s open to all because I never know which bloggers to choose.❤

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Don’t Survive; Live

A few days ago, my class teacher told us that our teenage days were never coming back and they were the best days of our lives…

She told us that she quit her software job and started teaching because she had loved that life so much.

At that point, I admittedly thought she was very crazy considering my exams were coming and all I could see were x’s and y’s floating around in the air accompanied by strange lines from strange but deep poems.

But as time passed, I saw that she was right.

However small some things may be, they leave an impact on your life. It’s in some simple things that you find the most joy.

If when I am fifty and look back, I wonder what I will remember…

^^ Deepavali 2016. Promising myself that I wouldn’t burst any crackers/fireworks and then finding out that I have three events scheduled through no fault of my own where I have to burst crackers/fireworks and watching my plans go up in smoke ^^

^^ Going to the movie theatre almost every Saturday night with my friends. Either I keep whispering a running ‘Honest Trailers’ commentary (Screen Junkies should honestly give their channel to me. I rock at honest trailers) or randomly fall out of my seat ^^

^^ After running out of sparklers on Deepavali, randomly walking up and down the street with my best friend Gaya to see if my crush is there. And then when Sadhu comes, accidentally using the term “Sight-aduchufy” (A colloquial Tanglish (Tamil and English) term) and never hearing the end of it ^^

^^ See R get a shuttlecock stuck in a tree, throw a racket up to get it down, get the racket stuck too, throw another racket up and get that stuck too ^^

^^ Watching TBBT every night with my parents ^^

^^ Getting up to answer a question in Math when getting up to answer questions to my MATH MA’AM terrifies me ^^

^^ Having almost the whole day free once and using the last period to play charades in my class ^^

^^ Having all my friends come over and us just walk around the entire place (where I live… like a really huge complex thing), then going to hang out at the park and threatening Adu with horrible things if she didn’t overcome her vertigo and either jump or climb down from some park equipment ^^

^^ Going to see Kabali and being terrified out of my wits when the entire theatre started cheering as soon as the theme music came on; M trying to restrain her dad from cheering and me assuring her that if she couldn’t restrain him, I would tell everyone that they weren’t related ^^

^^ Walking in the street until 9:45 in the night ^^

^^ The first few weeks of hanging out with the kids across the street… even through all the sand throwing, shoe stealing, time outs and so on ^^

^^ Doing decently in the first English exam, not being satisfied and getting full marks next time ^^

^^ Doing all the sums ahead of Math ma’am on my own ^^

^^ Sitting outside at night and listening to Blurryface as the wind blows and strangers come and go ^^



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The Stealer Of Footballs

I know I have been posting many, many things recently but bear with me as I have exam stress which is not allowing me to function properly.

An old ghost crept up a building tall

And looked down at the football

He smiled, remembered and then he wept

Down the building he crept

He remembered the good ‘ol days

When he didn’t have to hide in rotten caves

“Oh back then I was appreciated” he cried

He scowled “But, why, oh why did I have to die?”

“Now this football… Oh I so want to kick

But my leg will pass through and I will fall sick

My ectoplasm is much too weak”

A large tear rolled down his cheek

The ghost fought an inner war so great,

Nobody could seem to win the debate

Finally he said “Oh, to heck with this

I cannot die again, also I’ll probably miss”

He had come, he had seen… would he conquer?

(His friend was always saying that… some Julius Caesar)

His leg did not pass through, he was overjoyed

Unfortunately, his plan was still foiled

He kicked it hard… much too hard

The ball went and landed on a table for cards

In England, yes England… it’s fate was so

It was used in a match and didn’t fail to beat the foe

The old ghost retired peacefully to his cave to make calls

Announcing that his leg wouldn’t pass through footballs

As for the girl whom the ball belonged to

She is still searching (she’s even considering the moon)

Have any of you seen my ball so great?

Please tell me my lovely football’s fate

I would dearly love to have it back

Without it, my home seems to lack

The annoyance I cause by kicking it everywhere

Please find my football for my better welfare


(have a nice day… no pressure)

All In Vain

mom: *explains a long and laborious stanza*

mom: *looks at me expectantly*

me: … what?

mom: *explains a long and laborious stanza (something about milk) in Tamil*

me: …can I go to the bathroom


me: sorry, you talked too much about milk