Our Drama (And Other Things)

Hello people…

Yesterday, our class performed it’s drama. Every year, we have to perform a drama in English for some judges. We compete with the other sections in the same grade. Last year, it got cancelled due to floods but the year before we did ‘Perseus And Medusa’

(We won)

This year, we performed a play titled ‘The Hilarious Invasion Of The American Revolution’

The story line is this: As all the men leave to fight for the freedom of America (before… when the British were ruling), they leave their wives at home. Their wives, led by Abigail Adams, form a ‘women’s continental congress’ of their own and fight for their rights… and for their country.

Nav got the idea from the net. Some guy had started writing it but had got no further than the first scene before he died or something. Thus, a bold group of six (including me) had to finish it.

It turned out rather well…

We performed it yesterday and it went better than I expected… even if the cast swallowed one or two words by accident… and, erm, left out an entire scene (It was not relevant so no damage but it was pretty funny)

Section ‘A’ performed a play about a family where they think the grandpa is dead… but he’s not. So, there is this whole rights to the house thing… they acted very well.

Section B is us…

Section C performed a play about a customer and the owner getting locked in a pie store and becoming paranoid that somebody is after them… . I didn’t see it because we had to leave after ours.

Section D performed ‘The Last Skitzo’ by RHPC (Ryan Higa Production Company, i.e- Nigahiga). Our class showed up for feedback and just managed to see the part where Hanate shoots himself.

We get our results after the Pongal holidays (*fingers crossed*)

My exams shall end tomorrow. *cheers*

I cannot wait for this class to get over. I just want to skip the final exam and move ON.

*silently wills The Flash to mess with the timeline and erase final exams from existence*

Planning to finish up the entire textbook and take extra notes for next grade during summer vacations and then start a business.

“Oh, pay me 50/- and I shall mark those two lessons for you”

“Oh, pay me 30/- and you can have a copy of my extra notes”

“You want the workings for this math sum? 40/-… fork it over”

I have a new routine where I wake up at six every morning. Proving to be effective!

Riding rollerblades is a LOT harder than you’d think (but I almost got it)

Have to present our ISA activities tomorrow. Just want to write the exam, fake a migraine and go home… *sobs*

Bye People… See You Whenever


Happy New Year (Die, 2K16)

(slightly long post. Sorry)

I have every hope that 2k17 shall be a wonderful year filled with rainbows, kittens, puppies and flowers. However, that is not to say, contrary to popular belief, that I am not prepared for terrible things such as relocation to Mars.

(Why am I being a pessimist and borderline cynic and trying to ruin everyone’s 1st Jan? Why was that first para so weird? What Is wrong with me?)

I am diving into the unknown, uncharted waters of this new year armed with-

  • Two footballs. Gaya/Rama got me a white, purple and orange one while my dad/mom got me a black, white an yellow one. I take it all my whining about dishonest people daring to steal my football paid off! But seriously, I love them so much. Thank you so much guys 🙂 (P.S- There is most definitely a football thief as The Myth’s sister Lavvu left their football near the car park and now it’s missing)
  • The One Direction official 2015. Teja and Mana got it for me! It is extremely fab 😉 I also got The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire, FBAWTFT official screenplay and A History of Shadowhunters with illustration by Cassandra Jean whose Tumblr I occasionally, fanatically stalk like a crazed maniac.
  • A strong resolve to finish reading A Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy (I have literally been putting it off for months now. And I call myself a bookworm? And I call myself a geek?)
  • An even stronger resolve to QUIT letting my tea go cold before drinking it (OK this one was because I was drinking tea while writing and had a lovely cooling drink instead of the lovelier hot one I was expecting for winter)
  • Panic. My exams are coming up. Also, next grade, we have an annual exam with the whole year’s portions. Ha ha. Wish me luck dying.
  • A strong love of physics which I strongly hated at the beginning of 2k16. Also a strong hate of biology which I strongly loved at the beginning of 2k16. (I was and am indifferent to chemistry)
  • A new respect for civics because of my new friend, Nav who… (hold on to your hats, this is a weird one) wants to be a ‘good terrorist’ when she grows up… (I think her version of ‘good terrorist’ means something like James Bond…with a mask on. Not sure at all)
  • A few random cats who enter and leave as they please. My favourite was a kitten named Euiler who was better at algebra than me. My dad insisted on naming the other kitten Boiler after the leaving of Euiler. If you think Boiler is bad, he named a dog Ramabadhran and a stuffed RUSSIAN (sputnik from some kids movie about these dogs who hijack a space ship or something) dog, Sarasijanaabasodhari.
  • Slightly improved drawing.
  • Very slightly improved fan fiction writing.
  • George Michael’s ‘Careless Whisper’ running through my head 24/7 because of my mom’s grief about his death and her insistence on playing that song over and over. (She was a heartbroken fangirl! I couldn’t say no!)
  • Knowledge of K-pop! (If you had asked me what it was in Jan 2k16, I would have said it was a brand of candy)
  • A fresh desire to go to space. I always used to be terrified of space because the first story I heard about it was Kalpana Chawla’s space shuttle going ka-boom. BUT, I have decided it will  might be worth it if I can see space.
  • A weird obsession with extra-terrestrial life. I don’t know but the thought that as far as we know, we are the only living creatures in 46 billion light years… IT DOES NOT RESONATE WELL WITH ME!
  • A lot of awesome friends and awesome family.
  • A resolve to get into science fiction (I get obsessed with this resolve, EVERY time I watch TBBT and see them geeking out)
  • A very fickle mind. I change my thoughts and opinions SO often that my friends have stopped believing me the first time I say something and instead wait to see if I don’t change it for some time. THEN, they believe me.
  • A strong love for directing. I have wanted to be a screen writer for a long time but I got to direct our school play for one day coz Adu (the director) had to go somewhere and I seriously loved it. Now, I want to be a director when I grow up. (I KNOW this idea probably does NOT resonate well with ANYONE but I really, really, really want to make movies out of all of Rainbow Rowell’s books… come one, just think of the AESTHETIC!)
  • A disturbing love of the word ‘aesthetic’ (I throw it around like confetti)
  • A resolve (which I’ll never keep) to try and wake up extra early cos, where I live, it’s really beautiful in the morning.
  • Attempts to keep my room clean (EVERYONE I KNOW: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha)
  • Complicated thoughts which are so complicated and have so many loops and twists that I do not even know what I am thinking half the time.
  • A deep love for trains. See, I was feeling very emotional. Then I went and listened to a bunch of extremely aesthetic songs. Do you know the best feeling in the world? Listening to Blue Neighbourhood with headphones… on a moving train past fields and rural areas. To me, NOTHING BEATS THAT FEELING!
  • A decision to be more eco friendly. I have always tried, believe me. Then I fail. This year… I SHALL TRY EXTRA HARD!
  • A tree friend called jerry. There is a. tree outside our classroom. Teja, Mana and I named him Jerry. In the sanest way possible, we talk to him everyday cos research has proven that trees and plants grow better when you talk to them. We also pour whatever is left in our water bottles for him and these tiny plants that grow next to him at the end of the day.

In all seriousness, have an amazing year guys =)



(P.S- Yesterday… I am just talking to Vandhu on the phone and Teja/Mana randomly walk in… then all my other friends walk in…. thanks for the permission and the cake, mom! You guys are the best)


A Dramatic, Short Retelling

So, our area was recently hit with a cyclone and our teacher told us to write about how it affected us. Me, being a drama queen made a soap opera of the whole thing. Weirdly I got many cheers which I guess was for my extra dramatic voice. Soooo, here ya go:

Cyclone Vardha- A Dramatic, Short Retelling By Via

The cyclone of everyone’s nightmare’s came swooping through the mean streets of a bustling city.

Twas a day life no other in the lush, green campus of (edited for privacy and stuff). The trees trembled in the cold winter breeze.

The breeze picked up. Every leaf, every ant screamed “Cyclone!”

The trees no longer trembled but shook violently as they fought to stay upright. Sadly, many failed. The population of (edited) screamed as trees fell on houses, other trees and animals.

Death was sure. 25 monkeys were doomed.

Much like the charge of the light brigade, ’twas suicide to be a tree. Their bold, wonderful mission to give us Oxygen was endangered on that fateful day.

The cyclone passed.

The humans wept as their electricity heartlessly abandoned them.

The humans were brave. They cut fallen trees to near the roads and swept. I myself swept, pretending the broom was a cricket and the leaves were the ball. The broom broke but the roads cleared.

The humans waited…

…and waited.

The electricity returned. The humans cheered. Then electricity left. They sobbed. It returned. They cheered. It left. They sobbed… and so on.

Their Wifi is still glitching to this day.

(edited) is a bit of a ruin. The once forested area…. well, it now looks like all the trees got bad haircuts.

The wifi which was once compared to The Flash is now moving slower than a turtle.

Hopefully everyone shall make it down.

I’m surprised ma’am didn’t send me out.

Via XoX

(no GIF, I’m lazy)

On The Subject Of Over Active Imaginations

Situation: Friend telling a story about a man who always feeds stray dogs in a secretive way in the night

Me: “Uh Huh… Oh yeah, he is totally feeding them something illegal to turn them into giant mutants which will chew out heads off in the dead of night”


Situation: Visiting friend. House seems unlocked but no one is answering.

Me: *calls mom up* “Mom, MOM! I think someone has kidnapped M!”


Situation: Has music Class. Teacher also does not answer.

Me: *goes home* “Guys, I’m scared. What if someone shot him? Call the police, NOW”


Situation: In bed. Hears footsteps crunching outside.

Me: “Oh no, OH NO! The killer clowns (if you don’t get the reference, have you been living under a rock?) have come for me!” *runs to kitchen and gets scissors*

The Deer Outside: 

Situation: Has got a new stuffed gorilla which is sitting on the shelf.

Me: *Takes it and locks it inside cupboard for the night* “Sorry, Harambe (heh heh, that’s it’s new name) but I just got you and what if you are an axe murderer? I’ll let you out during the day”

Now Harambe: 

Situation: Sleeping

Me: *keeps pillow on my chest in case some one comes to stab me*

No One: 

Situation: Has created a fake trailer for a horror movie about an evil reflection.

Me: “Wonderful trailer, indeed. I am so creative…” *Sees own reflection* “…MOM, I CAN’T SLEEP!”


Mom, Dad, Trailer, Friend, Now Harambe, Deer: CURSE THIS GIRL AND HER OVER ACTIVE IMAGINATION!

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Nonsense Verses Part II


(i) A Tea With Math

Once, I had tea with math- the great lord himself

I am sad to say that I was not very impressed

His eX moved on, we don’t know whY

He really should get with the times


(ii) The Cat That Left

Once we had a kitten, we loved it very much

We gave it milk, it’s fur was like silk, not much did it lack

That’s when the dumb thing went upstairs for lunch

Now it has moved there and I don’t think it’s coming back


(iii) Wet Christmas

I heard her say in a movie, “this Christmas is white!”

I stared through the darkest night

Here in the tropics, I can boast of more

We have a whole darn cyclone!


(PS- In the first verse, I had actually read the X, Y joke somewhere. Also, I like Algebra, even if it is a little annoying)

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Death Note Cringe Attack

Death Note (Japaneseデスノート HepburnDesu Nōto?) is a Japanese manga series written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata


My ‘wonderful’ ‘art’….

Light something or the other.png

*cringe attack*

Via xxx

Deaaaaaath Nooooote.gif


Thoughts On Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

Admittedly, I am a biased fangirl and maybe it is that biased side of me speaking but I would give this movie 5/5 stars any day.

The only Harry Potter film I had ever seen in theatres was Deathly Hallows part II. There was good sound, decent 3D and hordes of potter heads screaming their heads off.

Fantastic Beasts was seen in the theatre. In IMAX. The films’ effects are enough to blow anyone’s mind without the extremely realistic 3D and the state of art sound system. With IMAX…. *faints*

Ahem…. forgetting the theatre and focusing on the film:

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them- A Sorta Biased, Short Review

(i) Newt Scamander, is to put it formally, a cinnamon roll.

(Maybe there are some who do not see that as formal but I can guarantee that it is true)

Having been on an action movie stream before, I was getting used to tough, brooding, heroes and this was a nice change as Newt Scamander is a ray of sunshine whose main aim is to protect his case of magical creatures.

(ii) Tina Goldstein is, to put it truthfully, amazing.

In the movie, Tina is a demoted auror from MACUSA (The Magical Congress Of The United States Of America) who arrests Newt after a Niffler gets out of his case and causes mild mayhem at the bank.


(iii) Jacob Kowalski is, to put it lightly, too awesome for words.

Jacob is a No-Maj or Muggle who accidentally switches his suitcase of pastries with Newt’s case of magical creatures. (His dream is to own a bakery). He gets attacked by a creature which got loose from the case which leads to Tina taking him as witness.

(iv) Queenie Goldstein is everybody’s crush.

Tina’s sister is an accomplished legilimens, very good witch, all round badass, beautiful personality… well, you probably get the point. People in the movie love her, people not in the movie love her and if aliens saw the movie… well, they’d love her too.

The plot is extremely simple (ha ha NO).

**Spoiler Alert**

Newt Scamander travels to America during the age of Grindewald, carrying a suitcase which contains more magical beasts than I have the patience to count. After a niffler gets loose, he is arrested by Tina Goldstein and taken to MACUSA.

Tina and he realise that his case has been switched and the actual suitcase full of magical creatures has been taken by a muggle/no-maj called Jacob Kowalski. By the time they get to his house, he has been attacked and some magical creatures have escaped.

Tina takes Jacob as witness to the magical creatures getting loose and they go back to Tina’s house. As Newt and Jacob attempt to track down the creatures, people are being killed by something called an Obscurus.

Therefore, it is up to them to find all the creatures, stop the Obscurus, etc, etc…

The effects will blow your mind, the storyline is exciting, engaging and will have you sobbing like a baby. The characters are amazing, the acting is very good, the animals are very cute (or scary… maybe both), the music is too good.

The movie contains the magic of Harry Potter and will have you back in the Wizarding world (pfft, like you ever left) even if Hogwarts does not appear in the movie.

The countdown for 2018 (second movie release) will start as soon as the credits do.

So, if you haven’t seen the movie…. GO SEE THE MOVIE!

If you have, leave your thoughts in the comments 🙂

-Cinammon Roll 1- .gif

3 Day Quote Challenge Day #3

Last quote for this challenge 🙂

To me, fearless is not the absence of fear. It’s not being completely unafraid. To me, fearless is having fears. Fearless is having doubts. Lots of them. To me, fearless is living in spite of those things that scare you to death. But no matter what love throws at you, you have to believe in it. You have to believe in love stories and prince charmings and happily ever after. That’s why I write these songs. Because I think love is fearless

– Taylor Swift

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