00: ahoy there

Yes, you have guessed right, this is a reboot.

I was wondering whether to casually leave the fact that this is a blog reboot hanging in the air and just begin posting, or to acknowledge the reboot with a short post… as you can see, the latter of those options won, and this is me acknowledging the reboot.

I would have just started but considering the fact that I have been inactive for about a year, and have now suddenly emerged from the dead, changed my theme, my About, and removed my older posts, it felt a bit too awkward to just start blogging.


And so, yes, hello reboot. How are you.

If you are already a follower, then you perhaps know the empty promises I usually make- that I will post consistently and not do any more reboots. Well, consider those promises made. If you are a new reader….you may still consider those promises made.

If there was any question about whether the material will change with this reboot, I don’t know. For a while I was thinking of just opening a science-y blog like my dad’s and then I came to the shocking conclusion that I know next to nothing in science and I really cannot dedicate an entire blog to the fact that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell (it’s just sad that I had to say something from bio).

And so, this will most likely once again be a melting pot of everything my brain finds interesting. It will also be filled with mundane facts from my mundane life.

Welcome to the Nth reboot (I say Nth for I do not know the number but I assure you that it is high). How many more reboots can you expect? N ! reboots…. maybe more.

Yours….. truly? Nope that sounds weird.

I’m just going to put my name there and end this post, yep.

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