Vacays! Again.

I know I posted a post saying that hols had stared but my school has a system of vacations which goes something like this…

~end of certain class~

~15 days vacations~

~3 weeks school~

~1 month holiday~

My school just closed for the 1 month holidays! Hooraaaay! I am free! Again.

How am I celebrating?

Playing my favorite songs full blast… (currently I am listening to Jon Cozart) and I also just sent a very, very, long email to my friend who is away on vacation informing her all the important things. One short para on school lessons and one very long para on other stuff like friends, non-lesson events, etc.

I think I will have junk food and write now with more fav music blasting.


#Summer Goals

  1. Learn the violin at least enough to get fingering well.
  2. Memorize that speech Humphrey tells in Yes Minister Christmas episode
  3. Finish Percy Jackson script
  4. Finish book
  5. Completely re-organize room
  6. Also learn a little guitar. And yes there is an electric guitar lying around the house… I just need an amp. Dang it.
  7. Learn to stand on toes like ballet dancers do.
  8. Invent a mock-tail
  9. Start writing another book
  10. Become even better at football (classes end this week SOB)
  11. Listen to a lot more music and more artists…. any suggestions?
  12. Read. A lot.
  13. Discover a new hair product that actually works.
  14. Do a full split (I can nearly do one. Almost!)
  15. Draw a comic book

#Life goals

  1. Learn to play-and become very good at- TWO instruments before I turn 20. Long time I know. That’s why I want to MASTER two instruments. Namely,

(i) The violin- I never really paid much attention to the violin. To me, it was an instrument of the gone dark ages. An instrument in my parent’s time. Ancient! But then I started listening more to violin artists (mainly Lindsey Stirling) and I was like, ‘hey! How can an instrument of the dark ages make such an awesome sound? I wanna learn!’ Thus today I asked my dad and he agreed to get me a violin! He said next time we stop by the music store locality we’ll buy a violin.
My only problem is I am very class-o-phobic. I usually don’t like learning anything in a class, football being the exception. Skating, swimming, drawing… I didn’t go to a class for any of these. If I want to learn something, I do it on my own. I don’t care how hard it is but I usually do it by myself with a little help from family.
Though many people like going to classes, classes usually take the fun out of things for me. If I mess up in a CLASS I lose confidence. If I mess up on my own, I only become more determined and finally I get it. Thus I will just look up online tutorials and puzzle out the strings myself.
See, if I want to do something myself, I don’t mind sitting for 5 hours on that thing as long as it’s something I really want to do. I mean, I have NO problem practising football for 5 hours. I have no problem writing for 2 hours or more.

(ii) The guitar- My dad plays the guitar. Really well actually. We have an electric guitar which my dad said he’ll give to me after he finds the amp. He said I can learn by myself if I want and come to him for help. So yay!

D’you think if I practice an hour everyday (or half hour if I have too much schoolwork), in two years I can play roundtable rival? Heist? No? If you don’t know what these two are… why are you still here? Go listen! I am attaching links. Also subscribe to Lindsey while you’re at it.

Roundtable Rival


Shatter Me



(Quick note- don’t take offense if you are a nice boy because I am talking about some of the world class jerks I’VE met. Not you)

In football we had a practice match against the boys. Girls vs boys. We won! Yay! The final score was 1-0.

The irony: that single goal was a bit of a fluke. My bff stumbled over the ball and kicked it to me and I happened to be standing right next to the goal post. I also stumbled and kicked the ball a little hard and it amazingly went in.

What annoyed me though was this…

Every time we tackled a boy, he would shout out some stereotypical comment. So annoying! A few examples?

“Lose GIRL!”

“We can beat them. they’re just girls”

Guess who beat who? I’ll be fair though. Most of the boys were smaller than us. Okay, there were 4 girls and our coach who was our goalkeeper. 3 of us were the same age and one girl was a little younger than us but she is an amazing player. There were 8 boys younger than us, 1 boy our age and one boy older than us.

Those boys had been training 1-2 years. We had been training for approximately one and a half months.

Most of the boys were smaller than us but they played REALLY well. In fact I’m pretty sure they would have scored if our coach hadn’t been at the goalpost. What annoyed me was their totally sexist comments. The boys who DIDN’T make those comments looked at us like we were worms or something. Y’know for all these elders’ talk about boys becoming better as they grow…it’s NOT happening.

Last year and the year before, our class boys would have football matches and stuff and we would totally cheer them on. When OUR matches came, would they cheer? No. In fact, way back in 6th, they teased us for losing.

Also, my friends told me that this happened once. They  (the girls) wanted to play football one PT class and asked our school coach who said that there were no more balls left or something. So they went and asked the boys (who had a football) if they could play with them.

Those boys said ‘Sorry we don’t play with girls’ I am sorry, what’s wrong with girls? If they had asked us, we would have said yes. Is THAT why? It’s always ‘girls are so weak’ Well the incident where I kicked a boy and whacked him with a duster in 5th seems to speak differently. He lamely excused himself with ‘I don’t fight girls’



Honestly, nearly EVERY boy my age I’ve met is a chauvnist. And nearly every chauvnist boy I’ve met has been either kicked in  the shin or tripped.

Another time, we were playing football against some random boys in a ground. EVERY one of them except the captain hehaved like ‘they are just girls we can take them down’

Yeah and when I got the ball? ‘Honestly? Losing to a GIRL? Are you a boy or what?’

I might have tripped him.

WHY are all boys chauvnists? Why do ALL of them think girls are only good for talking? Okay if you are a teenage non-chauvnist boy who is reading this I am sorry. By all boys I mean all boys I have met.

If they are not being chauvnists, they ignore us? Legit.

All this ‘stronger stuff’ too. Fine. Stronger than me and a few others. Not all. Sadh can literally break your hand and send you crying for your mommies. Puj, Sanku, keerthu, Adu, Sadhu can beat you in any test.

Manu… don’t get me started on Manu. She’ll bombard you with COLLEGE level cardiology facts until your ears literally fall out. The girl has memorized almost everything there is about the heart and is even taking some online test.

Verbal power in yelling? Puh-leeze. Have you even met Teja? You will be questioning the point of life after she is through. Look, being good at sports does not make you the kings of the world.

And I am not trying to be opposite-sexist here. I am NOT saying you guys are worthless. I am willing to admit you rock at sports and some of you are also really, really good at studies and stuff.

All I am saying is all you boys that I’ve met, you are good at other stuff but you’re not exactly good at being nice to us.

I am also not saying that WE are saints. We can also be super mean sometimes. What I am saying is… if you want to hate us, hate us for something we actually DID and not just because we are GIRLS.

Wow. Anyone think I should lecture at the UN on feminism? Lol. Just kidding.

Die Zoom!

(By the way if you have not seen 18th episode of Flash this contains MAJOR SPOILERS so read only if a) you have seen it or b) you don’t mind spoilers)

Die Zoom/Hunter Zolomon/Jay Garrick/this is confusing! Whoever you are DIE! Preferably in a painful way.

Who gave you the right to come and

a) Take Wally

b) Take Barry’s speed

c) Take Caitlin?

WHO????? I detest you from the bottom of my heart Zoom. I detest you with an anger that comes second only to the rage I feel against Umbridge. You- we get it. You have childhood issues. So does Barry. And Iris. I don’t see THEM becoming super-fast, emotionlesws psychopaths!

Okay fine. I get that you didn’t have a family and whatnot but that STILL doesn’t give you the right to take Barry’s SPEED and KIDNAP Caitlin! You hurt her enough ya loser! I want you to die so much that I actually have a list of ways in which you can die.

  1. 5 people stab you at the same time and don’t give your cells time to repair however fast they may be.
  2. Oh Vandal Savage… you were fantastic wasting your knife throwing skills on Chay-Ara/Kendra Sauners and everyone else on team good. We have a lunatic practice dummy for you here! Leave the world alone and kill this guy over here!
  3. Hey Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash, you know how hard you tried to ruin Barry’s life in the future? Here’s ANOTHER speedster. Ruin HIS life and stop pestering Barry. Just kill him will ya?
  4. Zoom.Kill yourself by accident. Do the whole hand vibrating thing which you do to phase through objects and then, make a wrong move and phase through YOURSELF!
  5. Turtle. Can you um come back from the dead JUST to kill this guy over here? Then you can go, y’know…    die again?
  6. Gas explosion. I mean I know Zoom might be able to get out by running super fast but if he doesn’t even KNOW there is going to be an explosion… how can he run AFTER the explosion? I mean gas explosions are killing innocent people but not ZOOM?
  7. He should Accidently over-dose on V9 and do a Trajectory. Poof. Yes I know he’s probably not going to go near V9 his entire life so…. somebody, pour it into his Bloody Mary. Assuming speedsters drank Bloody Mary. Okay they don’t? Fine into his watermelon juice. Better?

Y’know what would seriously be cool though? I would be so happy if this happens (it won’t but I am dreaming this up):

If there are more earths… EACH with a speedster (a good one tho) and there was something like a league of speeedsters and they take out Zoom. I KNOW this is not going to happen since there is nothing like that in the comic (right?) but that would be a cool plot twist.

The only problem with that is if breaches into MORE earths are opened… well there HAS to be a super-villain for every earth so they might take out one Zoom but they might be faced with meta-humans WORSE than Zoom.

Barry had better get back his powers and Zoom’d better die and Caitlin should be safe.


(ha ha not really if I get a hold of the scriptwriters there will be blood)

Fads at my school

(which I can remember) (in 6th and 7th)

  1. Quizzes- personality and how well do you know so and so quizzes. EVERYONE was doing them. They even had prize give-aways.
  2. VIP- Vellai Illa Pattadhari. Everyone… and I mean everyone was singing this song over and OVER and annoying the heck outta me.
  3. Rihanna- They were ALL singing her latest song. Ok not ALL but a considerable number were all rapping loud enough to wake the dead.
  4. Hand Cricket- this had to be the most popular. Hand cricket is basically a game with your hands. Every.single.person was playing it. The teachers actually told them off a couple of times but it didn’t stop.
  5. Kho-Kho- this was possibly because the matches were coming up but everyone caught Kho-Kho fever and played whenever they got a chance.
  6. Zayn- Ok this was a shorter fad but as soon as his new single came out everyone was hooked to it (except my one BFF)
  7. Hello- let’s be honest. Not only my school but the whole WORLD had this fad. You could barely go anywhere without people yelling ‘hello from the other side’
  8. Designing pencils- this was a little short too. People would take pencils, rip of the designed paper wrapping on them and design the wood.
  9. Book malls (fine this came out in 3RD GRADE but it was super popular)- people would draw dresses all over their notebooks and make people come to their ‘mall’ and ‘buy’ stuff.
  10. Danga Mari-  This Tamil song fad comes second only to the VIP fad. People memorized thew whole thing and sang it…. a LOT!

Yup those are a list of the fads I remember. Oh yeah! Quiling ear-rings and clay crafts too!

The best people in life are free…

Taylor released the New Romantics video❤ If you haven’t seen it, what are you waiting for? Go see it! New romantics video

Apart from that today was exhausting. We had a very, very, very long drive this morning. In one of those Taxi’s that make me sick. Most of the time the smell of the seats just combines with the AC and makes me want to throw up.

Plus, my carsickness does not help much at all. Anyway, I managed to not thro up. On the bright side, I got cake once I got there. I also got orange juice but not relevant. As soon as I got back I had to go to Music class.

Yes I muffed up like crazy.:/

After that, well it was one of my friend’s birthday so I went to give her her gift and after that we came downstairs and played football. After that, I had football coaching so… yeah, I played more football there.

Then we (my BFF’s and moi) left (after a long discussion on study habits with our moms XD) left. Actually we stayed until one of the coaches reminded us of how dark it was getting.

After I came home, my mom was watching some video about Alan Rickman’s death (sniff sniff)  I was scrolling down the side of recommended  videos. I saw the New Romantics video and freaked out. I ran to my room, watched it, posted the link in a mail and sent it to all my friends.

Currently I am listening to the song again… for the fifth time I think.

Yup so that sums up today. Watch the video and… yeah.:)


The birthday gift protocol

It is always easy to shop for my best friends.


We are all fangirls so any birthdays coming up? We buy merchandise. One of my best friend’s birthday just got over recently. This is exactly what she got:

  1. A golden snitch pendant (from me)
  2. A flash poster
  3. 2 Harry Potter posters
  4. One Taylor Swift poster
  5. (Given by a friend who is AMAZING at craft) One pair of Harry’s glasses, one wand (Ron’s) and one VERY genuine looking Hogwarts acceptance letter
  6. One deathly hallows pendant
  7. One edit of Tay-Tay and Selena plus really cool looking earphones and a chocolate.
  8. A whole lot of edits of her fandoms and fav youtubers AND a poem (by me)
  9. Also something else which she is going to get which I know about but can’t tell in case she reads this. (It is a surprise) (hint hint it might or might not be more merchandise)

See? So easy!

The only problem is for my non-fangirl friends. But I have got that covered too.

I buy super-cute chains/ear-rings/bracelets and very cute bracelets, card, chocolate, fridge magnets, dolls and one of my personalized doodle books. A doodle book is a book in which I have made little doodles in every corner and they can also doodle in it. I also just write a poem.

I have two more gifts to give and thankfully they are ready:) They are however not merchandise.

To any people who know me who are reading this I LOVE merchandise (hint hint)

Football class

I have football today. Yay!

Admittedly it’s not as much fun when my 2 friends don’t come. It is pretty great but I barely know anyone else there and there is no one to talk to or to muff up with or to fangirl with.

Considering my 1D boycotting friend (lol) is not there we talk about (okay fangirl about) One Direction.  We recommend videos to each other, friend 2 tells whatever new info she has found stalker style (XD) and I go on about the 1D merchandise.

Then the footballs.All of them have some color lining or the other. So we quarrel over who get’s which.

“No way! I want that! That is Niall’s favorite color!”

“Are you kidding me? You can’t have it.  Niall’s color is lucky”

“Hmph fine! Hey random stranger girl, you have Harry’s favorite color. I need it!”

“Hey, HEY! That’s Liam’s, give it here!”

We talk about albums, music, Haylor and football (duh)

Also it’s easier when we get paired with each other so if we mess up, hey, we mess up together.

Anyway, my friends missed the last 3 classes because of their dance rehearsels and the program. They assured me that they would come this time. *fingers crossed*

I do not know the purpose of this post. I guess I was bored.