Why They Die (or fight, or add to the storyline)

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Movies are extremely interesting. I believe movies not only add greatly to entertainment, but help us in survival. I will not go as far as to say, I would survive in one of those movies but I would probably survive longer than anyone who died did. You can too. Here are a few basic survival tips for movies.

DISCLAIMER- This is a work of ‘humor’ (or what I call humor which is not humor) and any likeness to real life movies is probably intentional. This post is not meant to cause offence to any moviee so I beg angry fandoms to not hunt me down. No movies or directors were harmed in the making of this…

ONE- Let’s be real. You are only going to get killed by the creepy voice in the abandoned house, if you go TOWARDS the creepy voice in the abandoned house. You will probably survive if you turn right around, head for the door, close it, lock it and run far, far away.

TWO- You will most certainly get killed by the falling object if you stand right there and stare at it. When you notice it falling, you will have approximately one or two seconds before impact. MOVE! Dive, run, cartwheel, backflip, I don’t care. You will probably be safe if you move even 10 centimetres away.

THREE- Now, what some people in action films don’t seem to realise is, a misunderstanding can most certainly be solved by talking, apologising and explaining. Sure, they might still be a tad mad at each other but at least no one will be dead! No cities are going to be destroyed! No movies will end on a cliffhanger! So, please talk to each other.

FOUR- I don’t care what your mother’s actual name is, but it is probably good to change it to Martha when you’re in a movie. Just saying! Lily’s good too!

FIVE-  OK, credit for this one goes to IIsuperwomanII. When random murderor is in your house, FaceTime a friend. Even if you die, we’ll know who it is!

SIX- when you are on an extremely thin bridge, it is easier to hug it and crawl across it. I mean, sure you can go in slow motion looking super cool, but then you will probably fall. Crawling will look stupid but you will have a better chance of not falling. I’d rather look idiotic than die.

SEVEN- Being ‘the one’ not only makes the movie great but you can run through people. That was actually more of an observation than a tip. Sorry.

EIGHT-  Please, please, please, for the love of God, kiss the love interest AFTER the fight is over or BEFORE the fight even starts. Kissing while everything is going on not only makes time vanish while, oh I don’t know, a time bomb is about to explode but you are probably going to wind up dead because the bad guy sneaked up behind you and you didn’t even notice!

NINE- However, if the love interest looks like they’re dead, kiss them. I do NOT know how this miracle of science happens but the love interest always seems to wake up after you’ve kissed them.

TEN- If creepy things are going on in your house, please move out. Sell it to that person who always made fun of you in school and move to a nice crowded apartment in the city because these sort of things NEVER seem to happen in a crowded apartment in the city.

ELEVEN- I understand how tempting it is to trust all your friends but do a check. Behind their backs? Yes. Check their rooms, their laptops, their phones, their postbox, their letters, their tumblr, their Facebook, check all of it! It might be untrustworthy but at least you’ll know whose going to betray you and you can run.

TWELVE- When a car is chasing yours in the crowded city, don’t drive faster. Slow down and jump out.

That’s it for this post. Sorry I didn’t post in a week. Love y’all!

(P.S- I didn’t use a GIF for this as I’m typing this from my I-pad with a Bluetooth keyboard and I can’t really save a complete GIF on it)

Answering, Kittens, The Matrix and More

Hello Internet!

Guten Morgan!

(Uh huh, german classes are going well)


First of all, Manu made a 1D challenge on her blog partyhardfangirl (QUESTIONS)

ANSWERS- 1) 10.5 million/  2) May 16 2016 (one day give or take)/ 3) I think London (Okay I googled that. Also, that is a very creepy fact)/  4) 8 (Also extremely creepy. I wonder how shoe size even came up during interviews. BTW, I did not google that. My friends told me a while ago)/  5) Ruth and Nicola Payne/  6) 1.8 m (It’s on Wikipedia guys, seriously!)/  7) Sweden, UK and United States (OK, I googled that. I’m a bad person!)/  8) I think 6 Jan 2012/  9) 30 cm
10) Harry Potter


Second of all, I got my english exam result – my highest yet. It is… wait for it, wait for it, wait for it…

49 1/2 ON 50!

50 is impossible to get in Eng. No, even if you haven’t made any misake, they won’t give you 50. Don’t ask me why. It’s some sort of rule. I did make one mistake though (which cost me half a mark). I forgot to write the month in words in my formal letter.

I am kicking myself because our teacher kept reminding us to write the month in words and I forgot.

I did well in most subjects this time.

Yay me.

(NOTE TO SELF- Always write the month in words)


The day before yesterday, we found this litle kitten stranded near our house.

It’s mom was not there so we decided to raise it until it gets older.

It is so adorable that I cannot EVEN!




I watched the first Matrix movie last night. ‘Oh my god Via! How awesome! You’re more than ten years late by the way!’

Morpheus and his “He’s the one” though.

“Morpheus, why is he here?”

“He’s the One”

“Morpheus, why did he crash that car?”

“He’s the One”

“Morpheus, why is that bird flying?”

“Because Neo is the One”


My mom just returned from a PTA meeting at school. No horror stories (phew). According to my class teacher, I am vibrant, enthusiastic, creative and full of life during any form of un-conventional teaching or activity but switch off as soon as the textbook comes out.

Heh heh?


Yep. That is most of the major life updates I have (man, my life isn’t too exciting. Or wait, is it my life? Ugh, I’m regretting watching The Matrix)

So, what’ve you guys been up to? Have any song, movie or book suggestion?

 Something Wild by Lindsey Stirling and Andrew McMahon


Doodle From Yesterday

Hello Internet!


(I had a German class yesterday. It was actually pretty fun. The above and below is a doodle I made on the corner of my book.)



(P.S- I’m getting a haircut today which is probably going to give everyone around me heart attack)

(P.P.S- Our English teacher still hasn’t given us back the paper and the suspense is killing me. Especially after she said one person got full marks. Most of the class thinks it’s either me or Sadhu but I’m not sure at all. Only one more day… only one more day…)



(I saw a post that went: 1% things Niall laughs for= joke. 99% of things Niall laughs for= nothing)

The Blogolympics Challenge

Hello Internet!

This tag/challenge/whatever was created by Bliss936. It’s a take on the Olympics where you choose a category from what she gave and write about it.


Aight, so I decided to write about Future and here it is.



“The present is our future past”
                                      – Right Now (Sabrina Carpenter)

It sort of blows my mind how in the future we will probably be talking about some lousy decisions in our past which is our current present.

Future is something we plan so much that we lose our present and end up regretting in the future that we planned.

Slightly confusing? Yes.

We always think the future is going to be better and then in that future which by then would have become present, we end up wanting the past back.

For example, when I was little, I wanted to grow up so much that I didn’t even realize how carefree I was and now, I am grown up (well, kinda) and want to go back.

Everything that seems natural and feels like your deepest desire in the present could be something you end up totally regretting in the future (I personally regret half the words that came out of my mouth in primary).

But getting caught up in the past isn’t changing anything.

Over-planning the future isn’t helping you live the moment.

And the fact remains that the future usually never goes exactly how you planned. According to my fourth grade self, the present me is supposed to still have ALL my primary best friends, have straight A pluses, and not be half the things I am now.

My life didn’t go according to plan. My life has never gone according to plan.

And I’m fine with that.

I’m not perfecct at having no regrets and living now but at the times I am, it’s amazingly helpful.

I mean, if you’re going to die tomorrow, make the last day COUNT. If you’re getting a low mark day after tomorrow, do something that blows that out of the water. If you’re losing a friend next week, be nice as possible in the present.

If you fail at anything, time moves on to a new present for you to try again.

Go into the future with that thought. Yes, it’s not possible to completely plan your future but there’s always the chance to do the best you can in the present. And if you’ve truly made the most of your present, then the future is yours.

Don’t spend your present planning your future and don’t spend your future regreting your past.

Make every moment count.


OK, that probably wasn’t how I planned it in my head and was a LOT shorter but I think the end conveyed what I wanted to. So, I’m tagging a couple bloggers to do this (yay me…). They are:


Divy Vishy


Doesn’t stop there. Any of you can do this too. So, um, I’m tagging all of you too? I don’t know.


praise of the highest order.gif

Tea Time

Hello Internet!

My mom wanted me to write a ‘poem’ so here ya crazy people go! (No I have no idea if it has any meaning)


I once went to a tea party in the middle of the woods

A bunch of people assembled there were watching Croods

I sat down and waited for them to notice me

Alas, all they did was go on drinking tea

I poured a cup and cleared my throat hoping that they would

Notice me sitting with them in the middle of the woods

“A hat came flying

The Ants started dying”

Said a girl towards my left

Who I believe is responsible for the theft

Of the 7 million tea bags on yonder river

(The strings were made out of silver)

A philosopher towards my right nodded and said

“For such a prophecy, the foundation has been laid”

An ant on the table quivered with fear

He feared the prophecy, that was pretty clear

Before we could even clap

Suddenly, from the sky came flying a cap

The philosopher screamed

The ant turned green

And the girl, I’m afraid to say, fainted

The ant cried “Oh my soul sainted,

Now I must wait for my demise”

Only, you see, the prophecy was precise

Twas a cap, and not a hat that came soaring out the sky

Thus the prophecy was no lie

The ant lived, the cap was thrown into the open sea

I woke up and had my morning cup of tea

– Via




How age of Ultron should have ended

Hello Internet!

Last night I was watching Avengers: Age of Ultron.

I am on a total marathon over here.

Anyway, I had this idea for an alternate ending which results in nobody being dead (Especially Marvel-Flash) and, um, here it is.



ULTRON: *is about to commence his evil plan of lifting the entire city*


*Ultron goes flying*

*Vision vaporizes him while he’s in the air*

*The Avengers look up to see their savior*

LOKI: Nobody destroys Earth but me. Especially half robot things which steal my sceptre! They WILL bow!


LOKI: Oh… hi everyone


LOKI: Long time no see?



LOKI: I’ll just be back on Asgard

LOKI: See ya.


Uh huh… uber random but I still stick to it that HISHE should make a video on Age of Ultron like this (HISHE is a YouTube channel which makes hilarious how it should have ended videos for movies)


MAX! nooooo.gif

The Friendship Tag #2

Hello Internet!

Today I’m here with Sruthi and Sadhu and Shakira and you might or might not have read the friendship tag M and I did a couple months ago. We decided to do one right now! It’s going to be mostly just me and Sruthi because Sadhu is too busy prancing around the room, Shakira is studying for a test. This is a helluva long post, but there are way too many things revealed, so if you’re curious – (^.^) Also, if Shakira is not mentioned, just take it that her answer would be the same as one of the above. Also, Sruthi and I are writing this so ‘Both of us’ means the, um, both of us. Sadhu was basically just crazy dancing all evening. Aight, leggo…

Q: When and how did we first meet?

Sadhu: We met in 2008, outside our house. We were both friends with M.

Sruthi: Before our first music class with Lakshmi Aunty, right?

Via: And Sadhu had this enormous bruise on one knee and was wearing a frock, emphasis on frock, and had short hair!

Sruthi: And you were running around, skipping hyperactively. *laughs* You haven’t changed.

Q: Who is your best friend’s hero?

Via: I don’t have any.

Sruthi: You’re not supposed to say that, I am.

Via: Right. Sorry.

Sruthi: What about J. K. Rowling?

Via: Oh, right! Yeah.

Sruthi: Mine? I’ll give you a clue: one’s fictional, one’s real.

Via: Taylor Swift? Luna Lovegood?

Sruthi: Bingo.

Q: What is your best friend’s favorite colour?

Sruthi: I know yours. Black.

Via: Yes.

Sruthi: What’s mine?

Via: Umm…Blue? Purple? Red? Indigo? Brown? Grey? Yellow? Lavender? Teal?

Sruthi: No. No. No. Nupe. Nope nope nope. nOPe. OMG, you’re such a fail, Via.

Via: I give up. What is it?

Sruthi: You remember that time when I told you that you and I are weirdly similar in a whole bunch of ways?

Via: Black. Dammit.

Q: What is your best friend’s current favorite song and artist?

Via: TOO MANY! Top two? Kay Sruthi’s are BTS and Taylor Swift and Sadhu has too many to narrow down.

Sruthi: Top two makes it way too easy. Taylor Swift and Troye Sivan, right?

Via: Yup!

Sruthi: Current favorite song…do I know them?

Via: One, yes. The other, I don’t think so.

Sruthi: ????????

Via: One, I’m addicted to Fire, and the other, I don’t think you’ve heard it. Alessia Cara – Scars to your Beautiful.

Sruthi: You know mine, right?

Via: One was the Monsta X song you kept playing. Focus on me. Is the other one K-Pop?

Sruthi: Nope.

Via: Wild.

Sruthi: Yes \(^_^)/

Q: What is the name of your best friend’s crush?

Sruthi: I don’t suppose Troye Sivan?

Via: *shakes head*

Sruthi: A clue, please?

Via: One Direction.

Sruthi: Harry?

Via: Yeah. Yours…your bias changes too often. Last I checked it was Suga.

Sruthi: My major crush is my bias wrecker.

Via: Jimin.

Sruthi: Yeps.

Via: And Sadhu is way too loyal that she won’t let us guess between her top five without killing us.


Q: What is your best friend’s biggest fear?

Sruthi: Dogs. And blood.

Via: And yours is public speaking?

Sruthi: Mostly. But I also have a slight fear of virtually everything.

Q: How would you describe your best friend’s ideal partner/spouse?

Sruthi: Yours would probably be a male Sadhu. Someone who can put up with your craziness and be equally crazy.

Via: Yep. Although I stick to my fact that Sadhu is crazier (dude she’s literally jumping up and down while lip syncing over dramatically now). Yours would be someone sensitive, someone un-shallow, someone accepting and who does NOT ask you out over hangouts *AHEM*

Sruthi: We’re NOT including that.

Via: Too late.

Q: If you were out together, what would your best friend eat?

Sruthi: Fries.

Via: Yep. And you – you eat ANYTHING!

Sruthi: Actually there’s – yeah, I’ll eat anything.

Q: Would your best friend watch a chick-flick, action, comedy or a horror movie?

Both of us: CHICK-FLICK! And Sadhu would watch a comedy. Too easy.

Q: Does your best friend have any nicknames?

Sruthi: You have too many. Vasu, Vi, Via, Vase… to name a few.

Via: Yep. The least embarrassing of ’em that is… We mostly just call you Sruthi but also Suruty and Paapu. Sadhu’s is Sadhu heh heh. And sad which she hates. Jitta’s is Shakira or Shakira’s is Jitta?

Q: What is your best friend’s greatest achievement?

Sruthi: Publishing two books and getting ready before eight o clock every morning.

Via: Yep. Yours is also publishing a book and not being disowned by the universal mom? (Inside joke) Sadhu’s is… reading all the HP books in one day and being an idiot who always gets high marks on ALL the exams and yes I’m bitter!

Sruthi: Yep and Jitta’s would be swimming 20 laps and winning a chess game against our dad.

Q: What is your best friend really bad at?


Via: Sruthi? Erm… public speaking. Sadhu… I really don’t have a clue. She’s perfect. OK no but to the human eye, YES.

Sruthi: Via’s is memory. And Jitta’s is listening to me. And Sadhu’s lacking in the sensitivity department.

Q: What is the meanest thing someone has ever said to your best friend?

Sruthi: I think the meanest thing anyone’s ever said to you is what Ma’am said to you in 3rd grade: You studied for the wrong test and started crying when you found out and Ma’am said that your face always looked like that.

Via: Ugh, I hate her. The worst part was I didn’t really get it back then but NOW I do. I got a 19 1/2 on 20 in that test. *smug look* Yours?

Sruthi: Mine was back in 5th grade when my skin condition thing was pretty bad and a boy just looked at my face and exclaimed, “Oh my god, what happened to your face?!”. The other one was at the beginning of the year when one of my best friends called my hair gross and said it was obvious that I didn’t care for it. That was even why I started wearing hair gel.

Via: Oh yeah, SO many people have commented on my hair including some of my ‘friends’, the photographer, relatives, etc, etc. I guess we share that pain.

Q: What do you most admire about your best friend?

Sruthi: I would have to say that I admire your crazy imagination and your ability to just own your craziness.

Via: I really admire, like, just how you’re really good at giving advice and just plain talking (In the most un-teachery way possible) and your creativity and ALSO your ‘down-to-earthedness’.

Both of us: *squeal and gush about how the other is so sweet*

Both of us: Also, about Sadhu (who has been forgotten about till now), we both admire her confidence and about Jitta we would both agree that she’s very good at everything she chooses to do. *angel faces*

Q: Can you describe your best friend in one word?

Sruthi: Mini-me. (About Via)

Via: I was gonna say older me but now I can’t😉 How ’bout just plain AWESOME? Yeah let’s go with that🙂

Sruthi: And since you’re my mini-me, you’re also awesome! \(^.^\)

Both of us: Sadhu? Perfect. Jitta? Sassy.

So that’s all for now.

Bonus: Characters that both of us share:

  • Writers.
  • Overthinkers.
  • Hopeless romantics.
  • Suckers for happy endings.
  • Readers.
  • Dreamers.
  • Dramatic.
  • Mature [to an extent…\(^~^)/]

Both of us: *lost for ending*

Via: I always sign off with a gif.

Good Night! (Actually he’s saying ‘all night’, but ‘good night’ fits…)

Friendship day =)

Hello Internet!

(Sorta long post but bear with me. In honor of Friendship day, I thank all my friends. Also thank you guys so much for reading! Love you!)


Dear Partyhardfangirl (Manu), Bliss936 (Adu), Tomgangrox (Teja), Divy Vishy (Divvy), M (Check this post), Sadhu (Fellow slightly creepy potterhead), SS (Sru, sadhu’s sis and mine too. Mentioned here), Sadhu’s little sis (best teen in 5th grade), Puji (See this post), Sanku (Science project bff), all the people in my apartment (oddballs)…

I love you guys. You may be very annoying freaks of nature but I love you guys and cannot imagine my life without you. We’ve met at different times and we’ve fought like mad but at this moment I’m telling the truth when I say that I wouldn’t give up any of you for the world.

Manu, thanks for being my fellow fangirl and freaking out with me about stuff. Thanks for patiently listening to all my lame jokes and then making 50,000 of your own. Thanks for always being there for me. *that very lame secret handshake* Twins forever.

Adu, I definitely cannot say we haven’t fought but thanks for being completely unique, slightly violent, loyal you. Thanks for always sticking with me and Teja. And thanks so much for all the music recommendations which I STILL have to listen to😉 xox

Teja, you’re more of Sadhu’s twin in most things but in a few important ways, we’re alike and I just want to thank you for being the person I could always rely on. Not to mention we always have fun in football together! Thanks for being an awesome team-mate AND best friend!

Divvy, we don’t exactly hang out too much coz of distance and stuff but you’re still an amazing, bubbly, talkative, optimistic, sweet friend. Thank you so much for the laughs and fun. And for being my no #1 fan =)

M, you are my first friend. THANK YOU for laughing at my stupid jokes, making more stupid jokes, having the good sense to keep your stuffed toy collection, for being a fellow solangelo shipper and for all the craziness. I’ll end this with an inside joke… CHICKEN SOUP!

Sadhu, you are without doubt one of the bluntest and most annoying people I know but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks for loving me for me, for the encouragement, for listening and everything else.❤

Sru, you are technically my big sis too. Y’know that right? Thanks for the fangirling, thanks for being there. You are one of the people I relate to most in the world and thanks for constantly ruining my life with more fandoms. (:

I actually don’t know how to shorten your name coz I don’t like putting people’s full names out. Er, how ’bout Shakira? Kay, you are my little sis without any doubt. Thanks for being so caring, dealing with my wackiness and for being you!

Puji, you are apart from being uber smart, uber funny, uber caring and THANK you for making stupid remarks with me and pondering over life’s mysteries every second language period! Idk what I’d do without you! Lots of Love.

Sanku, you are SO sweet and SO understanding. Thank you so much for always being there for me and understanding. You are someone who genuinely listens and I just want to thank you for that. I even forgive you for showing off in Math😉 JK

My apartment… you guys are without doubt some of the weirdest oddballs I’ve met but I’m really grateful to have you in my life. Thanks for all the very strange pretend games involving ghosts hiding in the buildings and witches jumping out of staircases. x

Finally, thank you Internet! I thank both my followers on everything and the actual wifi intself. As someone born into this age, I deeply cherish our time together. You will be one of my greatest friends Internet! *hugs computer*

Love xox


Captain America

I watched Captain America: Civil War. While being a good action film, I now know a lot of new cities and a lot of new ways to break the laws of physics.
Also, Iron man needs anger management

A letter to my class

Hello Internet!

I think that looking back at myself a couple months ago, I was rather different. I was pretty judgemental and just a little shallow. I never realized it until a few days ago. Nobody even pointed it out to me. I just realized it myself because of a new tradition my class has.

Last week, the girls and boys started playing Truth or Dare. Truths were very common and they were always asked this question. They’d make the guys name their top 5 girls in the class and vice versa.

A couple months ag0, I would have loved the game and I’m sure a lot of people don’t see anything wrong with it because it seems harmless. Just asking the guys to name which girl they like.

Why does this bother me so much?

Up until this year, guys and girls barely talked to each other. They barely knew each other. It seems just a tad shallow because the names of the same 5 girls or same 5 boys kept repeating and it was all based on either appearence or how good they were at sports (both genders)

No one said that out loud but I could see it. Overtime it was the same five girls, sometimes with tiny variations and sorry but that just feels like a popularity game. Ask them which girl or boy is nice to you, or which ones you’d look forward to knowing better, sure! But top 5? That just feels like you’re picking Ice Cream flavors.

Maybe I’m just acting butthurt but the entire thing is a popularity game! The same 5 girls/boys, just a way to start teasing someone, makes every other person in class feel bad.

I am not defending myself either as the fact remains that I would probably have done the exact thing a while ago but currently, looking at the whole thing from the perspective of someone who wasn’t on a single list and is always on the sidelines, I can’t claim to love this game.

This game is just another example of how fake someone can be. Shall I offer examples?

Earlier, I used to have a minor crush on a guy in my class. He never noticed me or talked to me. He and his best friend had two girls as friends and never talked to me. Towards the end of the year, there was a drawing competition that I won. Guess who’s talking to me? Back then I was pretty happy that he was FINALLY talking to me but from that day we haven’t spoken a word to each other.

In 7th grade, my first book was published. Before that, I was invisible and I was fine with it. As soon as my book came out, suddenly every boy and girl alike was talking to me. How long did that last? Considering that I am still on the sidelines this year, you can guess.

I am so sick of the popularity game! Every time I do something great, everyone wants to be my friend but the next day they’ve forgotten!

I am over-reacting just a tad about this game but it just puts everyone down! I felt really bad the first time they played it because I felt like such a loser! I mean my self worth doesn’t depend on what others think of me but dude! It hurts! Does this just mean that I’m invisible? That no one likes me? I’m fine with that but it stings pretty badly…

But I’m fine now. I was a little hurt at first but I just reminded myself that I shouldn’t care what others think. And if any of you feel the same way, if you feel you’re not good enough or pretty enough, just remember you are fabulous and nobody can or should convince you otherwise.

Love y’all!

I love this so much.gif